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Madonna's hair colourist has discussed the Material Girl's decision to go soft 'candy floss' pink.

Stylist Nicola Clarke also revealed she used a temporary dye - by Crazy Colour, in the shade Candy Floss - for Madge's new look. 

The product can be bought online for less than £3... But be warned, if you're dark-haired, you'll need to bleach your hair first for it to work!

"People often think of pink hair as being too bold and not 'age appropriate'"

Speaking to The Telegraph, Clarke said: "People often think of pink hair as being too bold and not 'age appropriate' but it really is the most flattering colour on all ages from 16 to 100."

Clarke added: "With Madonna, our main goal was to make it look sophisticated. It needed to look rich and expensive and not the sort of hairstyle she would have had in the early 80s when working as a musician in New York.

"Madonna is religious about looking after her skin and so we wanted a tone of pink that was going to pop but look soft against her complexion."

Further elaborating on the process, Clarke said: "I highlighted and tinted her hair as I would normally do, then applied the pink at the end. It's not permanent so it will need to be applied every other time she washes her hair, so I gave her a pink colour conditioner to apply at home."

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Idc if it costs £3 or £3000, the colour tone rocks and she looks great with it. Damn, why can't we have an era with more diverse looks from her? 😪

but it looks good  

thats part of its charm  

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