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[ENDED] BB: Britney [WINNER = Royale]

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2 minutes ago, Cha Eunwoo said:





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A huge thank you to everyone for participating, I hope you enjoyed it julia1

As a reward for @Royale, we all have to stream one Mariah Carey album in full. julia1

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1. @Honest Vocal Couch Potato - Man on The Moon 

2. @BabyMario44 - Anticipating

3. @Jae - Overprotected

4. @Ghostface - Oops I Did It Again

5. @Gravity - Early Mornin'

6. @Habits - Slumber Party

7. @Amanda Laura - Gimme More

8. @Shego - Circus

9. @patience darling - Break The Ice

10. @Kristina - Everytime

11. @CharnyBoy - Womanizer

12. @Adamescence - Shadow

13. @Lynk - Baby One More Time

14. @Luca - Mood Ring

15. @Royale - Touch of My Hand

16. @V For Vendetta - Make Me

17. @LeaHeartBroken - He About To Lose Me

18. @Chris Morlock - Unusual You

19. @Max - My Only Wish

20. @gabrielflorin01 - Hold It Against Me

21. @GlenCoco - Do Somethin'



Please join my karaoke contest if you're feeling bored, inspired or think you're the next Mariah Carey. Gretchenseaposenta Gretchenrainha GIF - Gretchenseaposenta Gretchenrainha  Gretchencoroa - Discover & Share GIFs 





On 11/2/2020 at 11:06 PM, Cha Eunwoo said:

2EDANFI.png 6MTJxjr.png 45JM8fG.png ITyGElo.png 8LsKNbs.png

             @BabyMario44                                             @Jae                                            @Ghostface                                        @Gravity                                             @Habits 


58IwasQ.png oODTcYb.png TTJyNMb.png 25aZaYY.png 4L5Bkzu.png

            @Amanda Laura                                         @Shego                                     @patience darling                                  @Kristina                                          @CharnyBoy 



x9wk1jF.png KOuN18N.png aS4aNGN.png SQ7SADr.png t8tPNIV.png

             @Adamescence                                          @Lynk                                                 @Luca                                             @Royale                                       @V For Vendetta 


4K4ccIR.png zW1rpVn.png 19Ub291.png 5oCSUAS.png ANpG6mj.png

            @LeaHeartBroken                                @Chris Morlock                                          @Max                                          @gabrielflorin01                                @GlenCoco





1. @Honest Vocal Couch Potato - Man on The Moon lol2

2. @BabyMario44 - Anticipating

3. @Jae - Overprotected

4. @Ghostface - Oops I Did It Again

5. @Gravity - Early Mornin'

6. @Habits - Slumber Party

7. @Amanda Laura - Gimme More

8. @Shego - Circus

9. @patience darling - Break The Ice

10. @Kristina - Everytime

11. @CharnyBoy - Womanizer

12. @Adamescence - Shadow

13. @Lynk - Baby One More Time

14. @Luca - Mood Ring

15. @Royale - Touch of My Hand

16. @V For Vendetta - Make Me

17. @LeaHeartBroken - He About To Lose Me

18. @Chris Morlock - Unusual You

19. @Max - My Only Wish

20. @gabrielflorin01 - Hold It Against Me

21. @GlenCoco - Do Somethin'



On 11/2/2020 at 11:06 PM, Cha Eunwoo said:

How This Game works:


  1. I will randomize a number, whatever number the number generates, the participant will become a Nominator
  2. A Nominator will be able to select 3 songs that they want eliminated from the game. Send them to me asap via PM.
  3. If a nominator does not send me a PM within 24 hours of round ending/tagged, I will use the randomizer to select 3 songs.
  4. The participants will then be able to vote 1 of 3 songs that they want out once I have received the PM.
  5. You have 24 hours to vote from the time you are tagged.
  6. You can activate your perk at any time (unless stated otherwise) via PrivateMessage to me. The host (me) will not have a perk. Players may activate perks at the same time, you won’t know who has activated or not until the round is over.
  7. You can be the Nominator once every 5 rounds, if the randomizer chooses you, your name will be omitted from the randomizer until 5 rounds later.
  8. A Perk can be used once. All perks have a negative side effect.
  9. Negative side effects include not being able to vote or become a nominator in the round after the activation.



- You can only be a nominator once every 5 rounds, so if you are a nominator for round 1, you won't be able to become one again until round 6, if you have activated a perk that has a side effect that says omitted from Nominator for +1 round, you have to wait until round 7. If you have not been a nominator in Round 1, you have to wait until Round 3 until your name is put back into the randomizer.

- The final round will require all participants to return to vote for the winning song.



- Failure to vote within the allotted 24 hours timeslot will result in your song being automatically put up for nomination in the following round. A third time  = elimination from the game. (This does not apply to people with negative side effects).

The same penalty applies for failure to send PM as a Nominator within the allotted time.


Beyonce Questions GIF - Beyonce Questions - Discover & Share GIFs

Introduction post


Welcome to the game, Big Brother: Britney Spears edition. This game is very simple, all you have to do is pick one favourite Britney Spears song that you would like to represent. Once a song is chosen by someone, you can't represent it anymore. 

Each day, I will use a randomizer to choose a person who will select 3 songs to be eliminated. Everyone else will vote for the song they want eliminated from the game. 


The goal of the game is to be the last person standing, so how you choose to play this game is up to you, you may choose the weakest songs out first, or the strongest ones out first. I will also Beyonce @Ghostface's idea, and send a perk to every participants, the perk may include immunities, adding additional songs to be eliminated or zombie-fying a dead song back to life. lol2

Songs excluded from the game because it would make it too easy: Toxic, Breathe On Me lol2


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A huge thank you to everyone for participating, I hope you enjoyed it  As a reward for @Royale, we all have to stream one Mariah Carey album in full.    Please join my karaoke contest

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Hello everyone! And welcome to the pre-opening of Big Brother: It's Britney, Bitch.  It is your host, Cha Eunwoo, and I want to thank everyone for joining. I have sent out all the perk

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