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Rate The Performance: Livetina

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Every 1-3 days, I will post a live performance from Xtina, all you have to do is rate it from 1-10, note: you are not rating the song, but how good the performance is itself. I will calculate the average score and give the result after each day. 





Like A Virgin: 10

Lift Me Up (Berkley): 9.6875

Candyman: 9.5625

Bionic Medley (VMA): 9.5

Cruz: 9.5

Stormy Weather: 9.222

It's a Man's World: 9.25

A Song For You: 9.2

The Christmas Song (Seth Meyers 2020): 9.083333

Fighter (Storytellers): 9

Walk Away (Letterman): 9

NBA 2015 Medley = 8.875

Can't Hold Us Down (Stripped tour) = 8.833

You Lost Me (David Letterman) = 8.625

Ain't No Other Man: 8.333

ITTY/WAGW (AMA 2000): 8.3125

Nobody Wants To Be Lonely (WMA 2001): 8.3

Tilt Ya Head Back: 8

Twice: 8

Ave Maria: 7.8888

Ain't No Way (Aretha Tribute): 7.875

Dangerous Woman: 7.75

Haunted Heart: 7.727

The Prayer: 7.7

Maria: 7.375

Bionic/Your Body/Genie Medley (The X Tour): 7.25

Infatuation: 7

Accelerate (The Xperience): 6.875

NMT (Oprah): 6.75

Whitney Tribute: 6.1111

Feel This Moment (BBMA): 5



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6/10 its not amazing but its not bad either. Its better than any of her Liberation promo performances tho... which is sad.

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Not her best she she definitely did great, and I don't think I've seen her serve on TV like that in a long time.

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