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Bey's Songs' Championship

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 ny2 And we got necessary information. And not from accused @TRENCH‘s boyfriend this time. 

Results: Deja Vu got hopeful lead at one point gathering 7 votes, but Formation has ultimately cemented its competing status in the next stage with the last three votes with 9  altogether. 

@Billie Frank: “My, oh my, @Gabe. really said: “If you can’t beat them, join them” only to be on the wrong side again. bey10

@harry: “I doubt he is sad - non staple song lost after all. jj5

@Trunks: “Another hit for @Kristina and @Chris Morlock though. oprah4




Getting back to severe brutality going by judge @Strobonoway1

*For some reason, I can’t get videos directly displayed on my phone, but songs’ titles are clickable.*

Voting is for the song you want to stay competing.



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First, we will welcome @harry. Everyone will agree that you are joining when things are at the most interesting considering final phase is behind the corner. Results: No drought of votes for Love

Hello I am tagging you to thank you for showing interest to be judges during this championship and to inform you that the first duel/pair of songs competing will be posted tomorrow at this time,

Hello, guys. I wasn’t sure about this week’s schedule yesterday, but since I am away for the next few days, we will continue with the next round on this upcoming Saturday - February the 13th at 11 PM

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