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Bey's Songs' Championship

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While judges @plutoniano and @Wonho were wilding to both of these each to their own, some remained indifferent. ny5

Results: Mood 4 Eva put in approving mood 4 voting members, but Bonnie & Clyde knew how to swing more votes ( 7 ) in order to storm the Third Act.



 1 + 1 =/= 6

But maybe we can have judges @fab and @Kuchisabishii be more invested now and judge @Twitter more decisive. jj2

Voting is for the song you want to stay competing.


1 + 1


6 Inch



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Hello I am tagging you to thank you for showing interest to be judges during this championship and to inform you that the first duel/pair of songs competing will be posted tomorrow at this time,

Hello, guys. I wasn’t sure about this week’s schedule yesterday, but since I am away for the next few days, we will continue with the next round on this upcoming Saturday - February the 13th at 11 PM

Oh, I can tell judges cared. @Freaky Prince: "Gabe has promised this game's host would deliver Holy Trinity, so I cared to be your guest. " @saiga: "I must say I was impressed by tactics em

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