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Lil Pump isn't even registered to vote, endorsed Trump anyway.

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In the latest episode of rich people fucking you over, remember when Lil Pump (or Lil' Pimp according to President Trump) endorsed the now defeated incumbent President? 

Well, as it turns out, Pump, whose real name is Gazzy Garcia, didn't even vote. Why, you ask? Well, as it turns out, Garcia isn't even registered to vote. 

But despite Garcia urging others to vote for Trump, the rapper himself was not among those who helped deliver a decisive victory in Florida to the incumbent president.

According to Florida state voter rolls, Garcia has never been registered to vote (he turned 18 in August 2018). Additionally, a supervisor with the Miami-Dade County Elections Department also reported that Garcia is not registered to vote. The official, Robert Rodriguez, said that the county’s voter registration records are up-to-date.

To be eligible to vote in the November 3 election, a Florida resident had to register by October 5. It appears Garcia’s political awakening--or his crass move to make easy headlines--came weeks after the registration deadline passed.

Garcia, a Miami native who has “DADE COUNTY” tattooed across his stomach, last year bought his first home, a $4.65 million waterfront residence in Miami Beach (he financed the purchase with a $3.25 million bank loan). Mortgage records signed by Garcia describe the five-bedroom, 4935-square-foot home as his “principal residence.”

Upon purchasing the property in July 2019, Garcia posted a short video tour of his new home. His social media feeds have since been filled with photos and videos taken inside the house, around the pool, and near its rear dock (where he seems to enjoy firing a paintball gun at wooden pilings). Sometimes he just poses with friends holding a Trump flag. When not recorded partying (pot and lean are Garcia favorites), the rapper is seen playing on his Pop-A-Shot arcade game, lip syncing, or showing off new acquisitions (furniture, jewelry, a Gucci bicycle that he said cost “30 racks”).

What Garcia has not been paying for, however, are the real estate taxes on his residence, which backs up to Biscayne Bay. The rapper’s unpaid bill for 2019 is about $45,000, according to county records. Collection of the debt is now the responsibility of a private firm that recently purchased Garcia’s lien at a county auction.

Garcia did not respond to requests for comment that were sent to his manager and an e-mail address listed on the performer’s Twitter account.


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All this does is confirm that this clown was only doing it for attention.

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