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Rate the Performance: Britney Jean Spears

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Every 1-3 days, I will post a performance from Britney, all you have to do is rate it from 1-10, note: you are not rating the song, but how good the performance is itself. I will calculate the average score and give the result after each round. 

Previous Results:



Oops (VMA): 3520

I'm A Slave 4 U (VMA): 10

Outrageous (Onyx): 9.58333

Like A Virgin: 9.44444

Baby One More Time (Hawaii): 9.32142857

MATM (ABC): 9.0555

The Hook Up (Onyx): 8.9375

Stronger  (London 2000): 8.875

Boys (Onyx) = 8.8

Crazy = 8.65

Breathe on Me + Touch of My Hand: 8.625

From the bottom of my broken heart: 8.4

BBMA Medley: 7.9375

Circus: 7.5625

Work Bitch: 7.25

If U Seek Amy (Circus Tour): 6.83333

Radar: 6.5714

Get Naked: 6.25

Pretty Girls: 4.8333

Lace and Leather: 3.77777


Game was requested by:  @patience darling 

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Onyx is her best tour, but this is far from the best performance from that tour. Can't compare to her best performances either, but it's good.

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The sound in this performance take the energy out. The mix of live bg vocals and her prerecorded ones is not it. It feels too quiet. The choreo was kinda half assed too jj4 The only good thing about this is her look.

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