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Chung Ha | Querencia | February 15, 2021

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9 minutes ago, Chris Morlock said:

I hope X is a ballad if my prediction for track 19 is similar to what it actually is. 

I like the different "phases" tbh

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5 hours ago, Chris Morlock said:

Track 19 is "honestly tired" dead1

It’s actually the song she released last year called Everybody Has. It’s cute but kinda mega boring rip4 


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Am i the only one who thinks that she kinda killed all the hype she had in 2019 with all these pre releases and delays? At least in SK none of her singles last year did well. The roll out was so messy.

Hopefully the title track for this will reedem her and smash.

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______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Tracklist 1. Side A {Noble} 2. Bicycle 3. Masquerade

Ahhh, BICYCLE is gonna be her Side to Side I fear 

Side A and Side B are nothing but SERVES! Side C is super messy and Side D is mega boring bar Come N Goes  Overall LOVE the album though! Annie Kim never misses!

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