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An Impossible Princess

Madison Beer is kind of...dumb?

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People, both Arianators and even some GP who care about Madison, are "comparing" her to Ariana not because they just want to be hateful for the sake of being hateful. In fact, nobody's actually being hateful. Also, there's nobody who invalidates her own artistry, she can do whatever she wants with her music! HOWEVER, it's got to be understood that the "comparison" more so stemmed from her recent efforts which understandably sounds, feels, and looks like Ariana's works...from 2014 up to 2016. It doesn't mean that her music is terrible, in fact her songs are good. But don't act like they don't sound MORE than just "inspired" by Ariana. Ari has an established sound already and it's very distinct. Also, you can't tell me that the way Madison sings/vocalizes is not carbon copy of Ariana. It just IS. Her response is very generic, going even more predictable with this whole "let's not compare women with each other" perspective but the thing is, HOW CAN YOU NOT COMPARE? How? When everything that she does these days, even with the way she talks in the video above, IS carbon-copy of Ariana?


At least Ava Max has that lopsided wig and maintain that image since 2018, makes it easier to ignore the Gaga comparison. Though Ava is Gaga's copy. mad12

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How is she dumb for not wanting to be compared to another artist? It's absolutely reasonable for her to be upset that everyone loves to comment on anything but the actual work she's doing. Even if there are similarities, she's still working hard for what she has and that deserves some attention but all stan twitter does is compare her to Ari at every turn. I'd be pissed too. 

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Tbh i have no clue who the fuck is she 

Y'all do too much on Madison LMFAOOO, she's amazingly talented and gorgeous, if anything she looks more like Megan Fox with brown eyes, the comparisons are so dumb.  

They should leave her alone  

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