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Rihanna's Singles Got Talent

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@Simón.: "Is colleague @Wonho also implying we should get rid of the singles like Love The Way You Lie and The Monster, for example? rih11"

@Wonho: "Maybe we should have. rih5 "

Results: Too Good hasn’t turned out to be good enough to continue its further play, which 7 X buzzers testify despite it gaining 4 of Check buzzers.


Results: As we are closing the Auditions, we are opening the next part of the game - Duels. Out of 75 singles, 55 made it through, so during the course of next 4 weeks, you will be basically halving the current number of singles still competing. Duels follow the songs’ pattern established even before the Auditions, so you are now more in the know what to expect and when, except the outcomes. jj2


And what better opening thank the fiery one? rih2




Choose one of the songs you would like to keep safe/in.


Take a Bow


We Found Love



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10 minutes ago, Demi Lovallah said:

Take a Bow, honestly one of my fav songs of all time

Have you heard literally any other song? rip2

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The aim of this game ( loosely based on ______ Got Talent talent show(s) ) is to determine the best Rihanna single through participating members’ votes; Singles included are those that involve

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