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Rihanna's Singles Got Talent

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Hello, hello, @Deluxe - completely fresh all around - welcome. jj2

Unlike the first group, in which Umbrella was always leading the board, both Where Have You Been and Umbrella have been exchanging top spots past two weeks. Furthermore, Russian Rouellete was picked by the randomizer against Man Down, so we all understand why this has been so much difficult for judge @AtiRiRi ( again ). jj2

Results: Russian Roulette is the game this time passing to the final week with 10 votes, while Where Have You Been falls short on 3 votes getting 7 eventually.

@Snow: "Well, it was close overall, but another voting round, another favorite stays in the game. rih13"

@California boy: "I am not even sorry I have comforted Where Have You Been and the result is still fire. rih12"



Love is hard. jj2

Oh and both of these got top placements in previous two weeks too. bey7

Pick one single to proceed to the finals.


Love on the Brain





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