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Freaky Prince

Gwen Stefani | Let Me Reintroduce Myself | December 7th, 2020

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26 minutes ago, Billie Frank said:

Didn't she release the Used To Love You on the 30th of November? The album will probably come out in February/March which tend to be quieter months so it'll chart higher... 

She did, but I was hoping for a less sloppy singles rollout than with TIWTTFL. bey9

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9 minutes ago, SeekingThrill said:

Didn't she say she won't make new music anymore? interesting1


This is exciting.

The previous album was solid. Some of you...  tina1 

She did but i think she was just lacking motivation. Gwen writes most her music, that's why the last album took so long, she did have an album ready for release in 2014 but she hadn't written most of the songs on it and didn't feel it was authentic. Then after her divorce she had that motivation and inspiration to write music. The last album was quite solid to  be fair, i'm just trolling. tina1

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Hopefully it's better than This Is What a 10 Years Break Feels Like  

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