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The Lana's Voice

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Results: Another pretty positive round for both of the competing songs - but just like in previous similar cases, Fuck It I Love You is the song that got more positive reception in form of 5 direct votes, while Lolita has been subjected to 1. In the end, 3 “both” votes reinforce further play for both of them.




Choose one, both or neither out of these two songs.


Doin' Time


Summertime Sadness



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Perfectly busy and lucky round for this particular pair. jj2

Results: Based on only 4 and 3 direct favorable votes for Summertime Sadness and Doin’ Time, respectively, there is already enough proof for their further competition. What reinforces that stance is the rest of 6 “both” votes.




Choose one, both or neither out of these two songs.


Dayglo Reflection


Blue Jeans



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The Lana’s Voice is game loosely based on the contest show of the same name, which is designed as a method to choose the best song Lana has put out ( or has been part of at least ) so far; The

Results: Born To Die has been decorated with most of the votes - 9, while Brite Lights and Heroin have experienced a tie due to them getting 1 vote each. Randomizer has been used for us to determine w

No worries, judge @Snow. I am clueless as to why tag hasn't produced a notification, but we have been down that route with some of the @Kuchisabishii's non-tags as well. Anyway, your Blue Velvet vote

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