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The Lana's Voice

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Judge @Max's chosen song gets to spin its luck again it seems. jj2

Results: Art Deco gets to be song with the most this time around - 7 in total, while Cruel World doubles the count ( 4 ) of what Kill Kill has managed to achieve and that’s 2 votes, which effectively kills its chances for further participation.



"Third time is a charm", both Lizzy Grant and judge @Chris Morlock. jj2

Pick only one song to keep it in the game.


Born To Die


Brite Lights





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Results: Born To Die has been decorated with most of the votes - 9, while Brite Lights and Heroin have experienced a tie due to them getting 1 vote each. Randomizer has been used for us to determine which song will join Born To Die in the Third Act.

@Madonna: "lana6"

@Chris Morlock: "lana6"




Maybe judge @TRENCH could have saved us from this tie, but at least he reminded everyone how close this is getting. jj2




Pick only one song to keep it in the game.






God Knows I Tried



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We better hurry before Interpol busts us here. Results: High by the Beach - 36 Get Free - 33 Cherry - 26 Without You - 25 California - 20 @Madonna: "One

The Lana’s Voice is game loosely based on the contest show of the same name, which is designed as a method to choose the best song Lana has put out ( or has been part of at least ) so far; The

The rules and instructions don't make any sense  Two songs to keep: High By The beach, Tomorrow never came Two songs to eliminate: the other 2 obviously 

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