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The Lana's Voice

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I thinkw e can agree with judge @Snow on the nature of this round, but since it has been penutlimate one of this part, I guess songs have aligned interestingly enough. jj2

Results: Both National Anthem and Shades of Cool have been getting favorable votes almost in turns, but the former prevailed with 6 and latter got 5 votes. Salvatore has been chosen by 3 voting members, but in this kind of line-up couldn’t be transported to the next part.




Yeah, numbers don't always align and aren't always perfect, so this will be rather classic mode. jj2

Pick only one song to keep it in the game.


Dark Paradise


Chemtrails over the Country Club



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We are concluding and wrapping up The Lana’s Voice. I am really grateful to all the members that stopped by and were part of this during all these months and rounds we have gone through. Thank you and

Whew, voting body had been halved, but hopefully we are still great enough to collect ourselves once again.  Results: Old Money gets old during the penultimate voting cycle of the competition see

UV is one her worst songs I --- Old Money is one of her best

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