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The Lana's Voice

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ny6 While this one wasn't difficult for judge @TRENCH, scoreboard has never been tighter, closer, tense and all around tough to give us direct conclusion. jj2


  1. Fuck It I Love You - 29
  2. Mariners Apartment Complex - 25
  3. Ultraviolence / Summertime Sadness / Blue Jeans - 22

It is obvious we need to resort to randomizer to pick us song that will be eliminated between the last 3:

@Madonna @Snow @Shego @V For Vendetta @Urbi ( all for their respective favorites ): "lana6"


Summertime Sadness


Ultraviolence and Blue Jeans proceed.


Judge @august is getting repaired I see. oprah7



Will we experience similar situation again? jj2

Copy and paste these rows completing them with the noted requirement:

4 -

3 -

2 -

1 -

0 -


Young and Beautiful


Old Money


Video Games


When the World Was at War We Kept Dancing


Venice Bitch



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4 - Video Games

3 -Venice Bitch

2 - When the entire big blue world was at a crazy world war we just kept dancing like the hippies we are 

1 - Old Money

0 - Young & Beautiful


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We are concluding and wrapping up The Lana’s Voice. I am really grateful to all the members that stopped by and were part of this during all these months and rounds we have gone through. Thank you and

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UV is one her worst songs I --- Old Money is one of her best

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