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Freaky Prince

Taylor Swift | evermore | December 11th, 2020

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Just now, Ghostface said:

I told you. bey7

All those Oohs throughout the song and in the outro. antm1

It's always been a standout favorite of mine but I don't know why.. I woke up today, listened to it and got chills giveup3 got me emotional. I can't be seen like this! Ff! 

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7 hours ago, Disney said:

When will the bonus album tracks be on Apple Music?


Can't find them online anywhere

They are exclusive to physical editions of the album from what I know, but will be soon out there I am sure, considering physicals are being out on Friday. jj2

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40 minutes ago, Kai said:

I love all the songs from 1-9 oprah4

I think evermore is already better than folklore oprah4

It is her new alternative-leaning folk-pop Red - it feels even more emotional than folklore, while foklore is a bit colder, but more grandiose due to being nearly instant captivating. oprah4

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9 minutes ago, Kai said:

Yes, the more I listen to evermore the more I get in my feelings. oprah4

I agree. Folklore hooked me right away, but evermore is more subtle and slower fisherman, but it got me eventually with all of these songs. oprah4

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thats what happens when you rely on solely TALENT  

Girlie released 3 albums in 15 months and I haven't left my computer chair since Folklore dropped.  

Evermore drops tonight at midnight eastern. Check your timezone: (if you can't see it clearly, click here to open the picture in a new tab & make it bigger)

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