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My (revised) list of top 10 albums of 2020

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15. Taylor Swift "Folklore"

14. BTS "Map Of The Soul: 7"

13. Declan McKenna "Zeros"

12. Rina Sawayama "Sawayama"

11. Vicky Chen "Am I Who I Am"



10. Taylor Swift "Evermore"
Released on December 11
Note: folklores prettier sister. All I need to say. 
Highlights: no body no crime • Willow • tolerate it • tis the damn season

09. Kesha "High Road"
Released on January 31. 
Note: surprised that it's not my top album? I am tbh but there's a reason why it's so low. Firstly, I'm disappointed that the buzz single, Rich White Straight Men, didn't appear anywhere on the album. Not even as a bonus track. Secondly, the songs "Birthday Suit" and the Japan bonus track "Big Bad Wolf" were originally concieved during the Rainbow era. This bothers me to the point of annoyance, really, more than anything else. Nothing about the songs are bad, it's just why release old songs when I'm sure those spots could've been given to newer songs. The 2 songs I've been able to live without since the album's release are "Honey" and "Shadow". I've also come to prefer the demo version of Potato Song.
Highlights: My Own Dance • Resentment • Potato Song • Big Bad Wolf

08. Pabllo Vittar "111" + deluxe reissue
Released on March 24 and November 27
Note: I discovered Pabllo around the time 111 was originally released. Shortly after I became obsessed and for about a month or would barely listen to anything else. Full of Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and English bops! The deluxe has 2 new songs and a plethora of remixes. I don't use remixes like nearly ever so I haven't listened to those yet. 
Highlights: Tímida • Bandida • Flash Pose • Ponte Perra

07. Keke Palmer "Virgo Tendencies" + volume 2
Released on August 28 (part 1) and Dec 11 (part 2)
Note: I remember Keke on a kids TV show back in like 2008-2012 called True Jackson VP on Nickelodeon. In 2016 she released a self titled ep called Lauren. Few FOTPera then stanned hard, I was one of them. This is her next project and it is one of the best releases of the year.  Very sexy and fun songs that are some of my favs of the year. 
Highlights: Dreamcatcher • Sticky • Money Can't Buy • Snack

06.Marilyn Manson "WE ARE CHAOS
Released on September 11. 
Note: despite being released literally today I've already loved it this much. It's a first time for MM to not have any unclean (screaming) vocals on an album since 2007's EAT ME DRINK ME. This album imo is his best and its gonna be hard for me to say otherwise. 
Highlights: Paint You with My Love • Infinite Darkness • Perfume • WE ARE CHAOS

05. Ellie Goulding "Brightest Blue"
Released on July 17. 
Note: this album also surprised me. I wasn't much of a fan of Delirium as much as I was the previous 2 albums, but everything about this album has reawakened the stan in me. The album is just full of bops and songs that tug at you more vulnerable points. This album deserves every bit of success that goes its way and more. 
Highlights: Worry About Me • Love I'm Given • How Deep is too Deep • Brightest Blue

04. JoJo "Good to Know"
Released on May 1 & August 28. 
Note: hands down the BEST release of 2020 and nothing can change my mind. Every bit of this album is just pure talent. This woman gave us eargasm after eargasm with this album. Plus a deluxe reissue??? My ears have been blessed. Not only is this imo her best album, it's also the album that she has most creative control over.
Note 2: I've overplayed it since I originally posted my list so it was dethroned 😭 x3 😭
Highlights: What U Need • Lonely Hearts • So Bad • Pedialyte

03. Given (ギヴン) "gift"
Released on August 26
Note: I listened to this since October before watching the anime "Given" and after reading it's manga predecessor (same story events). I loved everything at first listen and not only that but the anime is my fav animation and fav series ever. The EP has 5 songs and 3 instrumental tracks (of the 5 prev songs). The part where the vocalist in the anime sings Winter Story I C R I E D. No — I fucking S O B B E D. The lyrics are about the vocalist's ex boyfriend's suicide after they had a fight and his last words to his ex was "are you willing to die for me then". Let THAT sink in. 
Highlight (since it's an ep): 冬のはなし (Winter Story)

02. Miley Cyrus "Plastic Hearts"
Released on November 27. 
Note: quite literally I had half the album for about a year before the album was announced. And to this day I still obsess over the songs. Her best album to date and j doubt it will ever be topped. Even if I like my #1 album more than this one id still want this to win AOTY. 
Highlights: Plastic Hearts • WTF Do I Know • Night Crawling • Angels Like You

01. Meghan Trainor "Treat Myself"
Released on January 31.
Note: I kinda wish we had the album sooner and then she could've released a side b album with the the new songs. We did get half the original album in 2019 as THE LOVE TRAIN plus the pre release singles in 2018, TREAT MYSELF, LET YOU BE RIGHT and CANT DANCE. The original solo version of Genetics was for a soundtrack in 2019 I believe. I'm STILL pissed we didn't get Hard to Please on the album. But we did get The Love Train which is half the original album and Hard to Please at least leaked~. After my original top 10 list was posted Meghan reissued a deluxe edition with 3 new songs + 2 acoustic versions and they're better than half the original album which couldn't have been any better. 
Highlights: Have You Now • Wave • Workin on it • Underwater

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