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Amanda Laura

My Top 50 Songs of 2020

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Honourable Mentions: 


Justin Bieber: Lonely- An extremely vulnerable song chronically the dark details of his rise to fame and stardom Lonely is a much slower song then we are used to seeing from the Biebs. 

Jason DeRulo- Savage Love: This song blew up thanks to Tik Tok which Jason became a mainstay content creator on this year. Catchy and fun to dance to this song was a fun bop but it’s fire burned out fast. 


  Blackpink feat. Selena Gomez- Ice Cream: While this song is far from perfect and certainly not either artist’s best work I couldn’t help but to find myself bopping along to this pop number. The girls’ voices blend really well together. I did expect better from a song penned by Ariana Grande and sung by two huge acts but it was still catchy nonetheless.  

Eminem feat. Juice WRLD- Godzilla: Not having heard a song from Eminem for awhile and also not having much familiarity with Juice WRLD’s music I had my hesitations listening to this song, luckily I quite enjoyed what I heard. A sick flow from Eminem and catchy chorus from Juice this was a song I found myself listening to in heavy rotation at the beginning of the year. 


Harry Styles- Watermelon Sugar: This song was arguably the song of the summer. It was everywhere with its catchy beat and suggestive lyrics you couldn’t escape this song. While I did like this song a lot it just became way too overplayed for me and I enjoyed another song by Styles much more. 

Katy Perry- Not the End of the World: A bright spot on Perry’s masters offering Smile, this song blends the trendy trap influenced pop sounds you would hear on an Ariana Grande song with traditional pop Perry is known for. A very fun song with a good message about trying to let your fears get you down. A solid anthem for 2020 but I preferred other tracks much more.   

Miley Cyrus feat. Dua Lipa- Prisoner: Another collaboration exuding girl power I wasn’t sure how these two would sound together but both of them having deeper registers seem to work really well together. A playful song about someone who just won’t let you go this one is a contender to rule the airwaves well into 2021 with two of the worlds biggest artists at the wheel. 

Phoebe Bridgers- Halloween: Bridgers applies the concept of dressing up in costume on Halloween and being anything you want to be and relates to herself and her partner being whoever they want to be in their relationship. A uniquely haunting song that is perfect for fall hike on a foggy day this one was a staple for me all Autumn (my favourite season) long. 


Top 50 List! 


50. blackbear- Sobbing in Cabo: a 30 something rapper singing about drowning is sorrows over a lost love whilst on a Mexican vacation doesn’t sound like it should work yet it does. This song is more rap pop but it has an infectious beat and a catchy chorus. Say what you will about blackbear but I personally don’t mind his brand of rap pop.


49. Bebe Rexa feat, Doja Cat- Baby I'm Jealous:  This collaboration between two up and coming pop girls takes a 90's approach in it's production that transports me back to the days of TLC and Destiny's Child. The song is a super catchy bop that has Bebe admitting she has a jealous streak and an unhealthy addiction of comparing herself to other girls. Not the healthiest of subject matters but it is vulnerable and definitely relatable not to mention super fun to sing a long to. 


48. Maluma feat. The Weeknd- Hawaii Remix: Is there anything that the Weeknd can’t do? He can sing with a voice as smooth as butter, he can rap a mean sweet flow and now he can sing  in Spanish. Abel hopped on the remix of this Spanish bop and elevated it into my list.


47. Dua Lipa: Break My Heart: Dua’s second single from her smash album Future Nostalgia this one samples INXS to create one catchy summer banger you’ll want to sing and dance along to. 


 46. The Weeknd- After Hours: The title track is a perfect blend of slow burn RnB with an infectious trap EDM switcheroo coming in half way through this song offers something for everyone and proves the Weeknd can conquer all genres. 


45. Alok, Illkay Sencan and Tove Lo- Don’t Say Goodbye: An electro euro dance fusion this song has me dancing and begging this trio not to say goodbye and stay one more night much as the lyrics plead. 


44. Dominic Fike- Chicken Fingers: a song that shares a title with one of my favourite foods how could it not be good? This song is extremely catchy describing the simple pleasures of ordering chicken fingers to ones hotel after a night of love making in a hotel. Sex+ Chicken Fingers= winning combo 


43. Katy Perry- Tucked: A standout on Perry’s return to the pop world this song is so cute and catchy. This song has a simple concept focusing on preserving the ideals of someone’s personality and taking then with you wherever you want inside your mind. The video she released for this is quite comical as well. 


42. Phoebe Bridgers- Kyoto: This song is a great introduction to Phoebe’s music with more of an upbeat sound than her usual work. This song reminds me of something the Canadian band Metric would release in the best way. Definitely a song you will want to dance to.  


41. Zara Larsson- Love Me Land: Poor Zara, she keeps releasing decent pop songs but they just never seem to chart high enough or garner enough success for her label to fully back and release her albums. She struggled greatly with this in her first era for So Good and is suffering the sophomore slump before even having a chance to put out her second body of work. This song is good and deserves more recognition. Here’s hoping 2021 is kinder to the Swedish songstress. 


40. Machine Gun Kelly feat. Halsey- Forget Me Too: Ever Since since Halsey unleashed Nightmare into the music world I have been clambering for more of a punk pop sound from the singer. Her raspier tones suit this style so well and are showcased on this song. Her back and forth with MGK is playful on this track about trying to forget a hook up you keep going back to. Here’s hoping her next album dabbles even more into this type of sound. 


39. The 1975- If You’re Too Shy Let Me Know: Another song on this list that draws on the influences of 80s synth this song really suits frontman Matt Healey’s voice. This song was a standout gem on a lacklustre and clunky album. 


38. J Balvin- Rojo: Another Spanish track finds its way into this list. Balvin’s silky smooth vocals deliver the lyrics in such a sexy and sultry way you can’t help but to be pulled into the song. 


37. Trevor Daniel feat. Selena Gomez- Past Life: I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first heard Selena was going to be in the remix of this song, I wasn’t familiar with Trevor Daniel and it didn’t seem like the type of song she would do, but boy am I glad she hopped on this track. I think this collab is underrated and I quite enjoyed it. A song about leaving the bad side of yourself behind and starting over with a fresh slate this is a fun tune I love to sing a long to in the car every time it comes on.  


36. Arty, Audien, and Ellee Duke- Craving: This EDM track delves into a relationship where one person says they’re done but ultimately misses the person and can’t seem to let go. Meanwhile the other sings about how they blew their chances and will be haunted by them everywhere craving them still and wishing they could come crawling back. 


35. Topic and A7S- Breaking Me: This electro dance number from German/Croatian producer Topic and Swedish vocalist Alexander Tidebrink is a song about one partner giving more than the other in a relationship causing the one giving more to feel like they’re gonna “break.” This song has hints of tropical house which is a weakness for me when it comes to electro music. This song is begging to be played at festivals. 


34. Ellie Goulding- Power: A power pop bop from Miss Goulding, one of her more radio friendly offerings from her latest studio album Brightest Blue. This songs message is simple Ellie is accusing her partner of only wanting power over her and not wanting love, asking where they went wrong and lost the “magic?”  It’s a fun upbeat number that always has me singing along every time it comes on. 


33. Billie Eilish- Therefore I Am: A song I discovered through Tik Tok at first listen to the “Stop, what the hell are you talking about?” Didn’t clue me in that this was a Billie song it had more of an upbeat sound similar to Bad Guy. I was intrigued with this one and while I am not a huge Billie fan I did really enjoy this one. 


32. Dua Lipa-Cool: Though not released as a single this song embodied the vibes for summer for me. I found myself listening to this on summer drives more times than I count. Dua has an effortless delivery of smooth vocals mixed with an even smoother 80’s synth beat. In an album chalked full of stand out hits this one is often overlooked, but definitely shouldn’t be. 


31. Illenium feat. Angela and Airwaves- Paperthin: Tom De Longe the former frontman of Blink 182 shines in this EDM  banger. The infectious production blended with this punk frontman’s signature vocals is the perfect EDM mainstay.          


30. Delaney Jane- Somewhere Else: Delaney Jane is a singer who hails from my homeland the Great White North of Canada. This song is a pop song fused with electro dance that describes the feelings of a restless soul looking for stability and comfort without constantly searching or something more like a grown up anthem for Elsa of Frozen. 


29. Selena Gomez- People You Know: A lot of mixed reactions across the board to this one amongst fans, but for me I fell in love at first listen. I find the song to be very relatable talking about how people come and go out of our lives. One day someone is your best friend and the next a stranger. This song hits the nail on the head for me a little too close to home but I still thoroughly enjoy it especially that Jon Bellion sampled bridge. 


28. Regard- Ride It: An unexpected discovery while listening to a random Spotify playlist, the opening chords of this song are reminiscent of the remix of the 2013 song Waves by Mr. Probz. The lead singer’s deep voice and the thumping bass instantly captivated me and I found myself returning to this and cranking it up on my car stereo. 


27. Halsey- Graveyard : The first official song released from Halsey’s 3rd studio album Manic this song is a slower more acoustic sounding pop song detailing how far someone would go for love despite their better judgements. This quickly became one of my favourite Halsey songs of all time. 


26. Victoria Monet feat. Khalid and SG Lewis- Experience: This shimmery funk meets disco song is so fun. Monet and Khalid’s vocals blend so well together singing about hoping a partner can learn from their past and better themselves. I challenge not to want to dance along to this one. 


25. Ava Max- Kings and Queens: Ava caught lightning in a bottle with her Lady Gaga esque pop song Sweet But Pyscho last year, many wondered if she would be doomed to one hit wonder status or suffer a fate similar to Zara Larsson. However, Max proved she is here to rules the airwaves with this perfect pop feminist anthem. A modern day upgrade on the brand of girl power the Spice Girls were famous for. 


24. Dua Lipa- Physical: Dua solidified her mainstay pop girl status this year with the release of her heavily 80s inspired album Future Nostalgia. She had hit after hit, bop after bop on that album but Physical was the cherry on top of this delightful musical cake. Impossible not to dance along to this is by far my favourite on the album. 


23. Black Atlass- Do For Love: I discovered this song during a rare moment where I actually put the radio on in my car. I was instantly hooked as soon as the French Canadian singer started singing. The song has a simple concept which as suggested by its title focuses on going the extra mile for love. 


22. Halsey- 3AM: This angsty pop song is an absolute standout from the singer’s 3rd studio album Manic. Halsey sings about needing validation to quiet her anxieties and insecurities despite knowing he needs to break this cycle and gain more independence. I find this song very relatable as I struggle with social anxieties myself. Bravo to Halsey for being so vulnerable and owning up to her flaws.


21. Selena Gomez- Vulnerable: This track is far and away the best offering on the standard edition of Rare released at the top of the year. Gomez sings about how even if she has to expose the most insecure parts of herself to find love she is willing to make that sacrifice for happiness rather than be alone. The production is smooth and her vocals match it perfectly this was on heavy rotation in my playlists this year. 


20. Miley Cyrus- Midnight Sky: I have never been a huge fan of Miley’s music having only really loved her song Wrecking Ball, that is until she released Midnight Sky. A song very reminiscent of Steve Knick’s Edge of Seventeen, Cyrus is in her groove with this raspier rock influenced pop song. Every thing about this song suits her so well I hope she will continue with this direction in her future projects. 


19. Ariana Grande feat. The Weeknd- Off the Table: Two of my favourite artists teaming up for a second time, this time around we get a sultry RnB balladesque song that sees Grande questioning whether or not she will ever find love again or if it’s something she’s no longer destined to find in this lifetime. Abel comes in playing the part of a lover who knows he may never measure up to her past lives but is willing to look past all that. It may not be a smash like Love Me Harder was but these two still make magic together. 


18. Halsey and Marshmello- Be Kind: Marshmello is proving to be a DJ who is here to stay with stellar songs like this. Halsey is the perfect vocalist for this upbeat track which sees Halsey singing about how her lover needs to be more kind to her in the relationship. A good theme song for the year of 2020 and humankind overall. 


17. Harry Styles-Golden: This song was an unexpected joy to me. I was never a hardcore one direction fan and don’t understand the hype. One day I was feeling kind of down and this song came on the radio and my mood instantly was uplifted and I felt myself singing along. As soon as I got home I added this song to my playlist and have continued to enjoy dancing to this. 


16. Selena Gomez- Souvenir: This is the song I have been waiting for Selena to come out with since she released Fetish. A sonically darker pop song with sexy lyrics. A definite standout in her discography so glad she chose to include this on the the deluxe edition of Rare. 


15. Ariana Grande- Positions: The first single off her 6th studio album of the same name Positions is perhaps the most pop driven song on the record. I think this song was the right choice for the first single. Positions sees Grande singing about switching roles for her partner much like changing sexual positions hence the name. A very catchy song complete with an iconic video featuring Ariana as the first female president. 


14. Selena Gomez- Feel Me: This song was debuted at a concert many years ago and when the clip leaked I was instantly hooked the production alone makes this an absolute bop. I understand the lyrics are slightly problematic never wanting a lover to move on but it’s just so infectiously catchy I can’t help but love this song. 


13. Katy Perry- Cry About it Later: Far and away my favourite track from Perry’s 5th studio album Smile this song is an absolute banger. Katy sings about temporarily forgetting all your anxieties and going out to party. A very relatable song and that guitar solo that comes in out of no where this is Perry’s best song in years. 


12. Ariana Grande- Just Like Magic: This song is exactly as the title suggests magic. Ariana struck gold with the song 7 Rings of last year’s smash album Thank U Next, and Just Like Magic is a more smooth RnB sister song. Once again we hear Ari singing about how she gets what she wants in life but this time instead of a bragadocious song about money she sings about manifesting it into her life with a positive attitude. A much better message and that line about “writing love letters to heaven” with the pause and cricket sounds potentially connecting to Mac Miller hits me right in the feels. 


11. The Weeknd- Save Your Tears: Another infectious pop song from Abel Tesfaye, this track sees him running into an ex who is crying over him and telling her to save her tears because he wants her back. Abel confesses he can’t seem to commit to the relationship and he doesn’t know why, but he can’t let this person go either. Another great sad dance anthem from the King of the Fall. 


10. Ariana Grande-Nasty: This song was the first taste we got of the direction Ariana was heading in with her 6th studio album positions. On an album that deals primarily with songs brimming with sexual innuendos this one fits the bill perfectly without being too over the top or in your face. Grande is very pointed when she tells her partner she doesn’t want to wait around for them to get nasty. The shimmery beat coupled with Grande’s angelic voice and a few whistle tones is a winning combination. 


9. Ariana Grande-POV: POV is Ariana’s best ballad since Just A Little Bit of Your Heart. Serving as the closing track on her 6th studio album positions POV has Grande wanting to love and accept herself the way her partner does. The rainy sound the angelic vocals and vulnerable lyrics make this song a fan favourite. 


8. Doja Cat feat. Nicki Minaj- Say So Remix the Original Version: A funky disco influenced pop song from newcomer Doja Cat this song blew up thanks to the app Tik Tok. This song was everywhere in 2020 so it only made sense for one of the best female rappers in the game to hop on the remix. The original remix has a much better rap by Minaj at the beginning of the song and flows much better with the melody than the version serviced to radio. It’s an absolute earworm of a pop song that you can’t not jam out to. 


7. The Weeknd feat. Doja Cat- In Your Eyes Remix: Another contender for song of the summer this track was a total knockout on its own but adding in the sultry smooth vocals of Doja Cat who both sings and raps on the track elevated the song to even higher heights. Let’s not forget that saxophone throughout the song that makes it impossible not to fall in love with. 


6. Lady Gaga feat. Ariana Grande- Rain On Me: In my opinion this song was the song of the summer. When I first learned of this collaboration between 2 female pop powerhouses I was skeptical as to how their voices would go together, but Gaga’s deeper voice and Ariana’s angelic vocals blend really well together in this heavily 90s house inspired banger. It is impossible not to dance and sing along to this infectious bop that dominated the airwaves this summer. 


5. Ariana Grande- Safety Net: My favourite track from her latest album Positions in which Grande sings about how fast she is falling for a new love without anything to catch her should things go wrong. Ariana sings about her worries as to whether or not this time the love is real or once again in her head connects to lyrics on Thank U, Next a nice little wink to the fans while remaining absolutely integral to the track. An adorable song with a really great feature by Ty Dolla Sign (which I was really shocked how well he fit onto this song) 


4. Tame Impala- Lost in Yesterday: The first single released off of their highly acclaimed album The Slow Rush this song climbed its way up my most listened to songs of the year and solicited itself a spot in my Spotify Unwrapped. Kevin Parker kills it on this track from vocals to the melodies I truly get lost in this song in the best way possible. 


3. The Weeknd- Faith: One thing is for sure about this song it doesn’t lead me to question my faith in whether the Weeknd can deliver a superior song. The slow burn of the verses before launching into the beat coming in halfway through and a slower almost haunting chorus help make this song a standout track on the fantastic album After Hours. The outro that leads right into Blinding Lights with the faded vocals and sirens take the song to a new level. 


2. The Weeknd- Blinding Lights: Abel Tesfaye released the perfect pop song this year, it has everything I could ask for and not a single thing I’d want to change. The funky Max Martin production capitalizing on the 80s synth pop resurgence,  the absolute earworm of a chorus and even a deeper meaning to the song topped off with a stellar music video. This was my most played song of the year on my Spotify Wrapped List. 


1. Taylor Swift- Folklore and Evermore : I realize that counting two full bodies of work as my number one song is somewhat cheating but trust me if I didn’t more than 50% of this list would be entires from these two albums. When Taylor took us all by surprise to announce via her Instagram she was releasing her eighth studio album I was excited beyond belief. An entire album consisting of folk songs like Safe and Sound meets The Red album this was the album I had been waiting for ! Then after delivering an absolute masterpiece of an album Taylor Alison Swift blindsided us all again releasing her second surprise album in the very same year! Taylor took me deep into the mystical wonderous woods of her mind weaving together intricately detailed stories about various characters. It was a breath of fresh air to see Taylor strip back some of the pop heavy productions and focus more on letting her writing shine. Aaron Dessner of the National produced the majority of the tracks on both and he did a superior job. Joe Alwyn her boyfriend of 4 years also has writing credits and plays the piano on a handful of tracks. Two hauntingly beautiful albums that make me question whether or not I ever want to leave the world Taylor has created in the everfolkmore woods. 

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