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Dennis Reynolds

Cobra Kai (Season 3 on Netflix January 1st)

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Wow. Well, no one is reading this but I sure loved that season oprah15 This is the first time I've ever binged a Netflix season when it was brand new, and it did not disappoint. The thing I love about this show, and a reason why I prefer it to so many of these belated sequels/reboots, is how much it embraces the minutiae of The Karate Kid films, sequels included. It's easy to scrub every Halloween sequel and just make a direct sequel to the one everyone likes, but it's much braver to include the less popular films as well. I loved the depiction of origin story of John Kreese and how he saved Terry Silver alluded to in Part III, and the return of the characters from Part II. Elisabeth Shue is a goddamn treasure as well, and what I really loved was 


that this season didn't end with another falling out between Daniel and Johnny after they briefly make an effort to mend fences.


As far as the directions the characters took, 


I'm not sure how much I buy Robby getting in with Cobra Kai, but it was nice to see Hawk finally break away from that and I think they set it up fairly well, with his clear if very denied remorse for breaking Demetri's arm, Johnny's intervention at the school and Kreese's "enemy of the enemy is my friend" ideology giving him the final push. Although it was kinda weird he went there to assault them with Cobra Kai and completely turn mid-fight...


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Only recently started watching but already completed the first two seasons  I think this is second only to The Mandalorian when it comes to the best web series...

'Tis The @Kai Season!

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