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REYCISM: Andres's Top Albums of 2020

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9 minutes ago, Hunty Bear said:

YAS (link broken yet again) BUT YAS alex1 I've been deliberating if SAWAYAMA or What's Your Pleasure? is my AOTY but atm I'm leaning towards WYP?, truly a masterpiece and such a random and sudden leap in quality from her past two records lmao 

tell me why...I literally did ellie1 dead2 Yummy SOTY

I could have SWORN Manic was released last year dead2 the way this year has completely warped my sense of time orangu1   nicki4

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Lady Gaga - Chromatica


Highlights: "Alice", "Rain on Me", "911", "Sour Candy", "Replay", "Babylon"

Yup! Yup yup yup yup! Though I concede that Chromatica is by no means the greatest album of the year by any objective measure, I really couldn't imagine any other album as my #1. It's far and away my most played record of the year, and these dance-pop anthems have seared themselves into my subconscious and have been the soundtrack to many a shower concert and bedroom dance party. No other artist could pull off an album so shamelessly camp, and with such flair and panache. You may can call it pandering, in which case I'm very glad to be pandered to! In peak Gaga fashion, these songs are emotional catharsis dressed up in ear-wormy hooks and sleekly produced electronica. Chromatica is a euphoric celebration of being alive in spite of, well, everything. You can escape into the world of Chromatica, and have the time of your life while at it, as long as you can learn not to take anything too seriously.


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1 hour ago, Andres said:


Dua Lipa - Future Nostalgia


I really wanted to love this but I just find it way too overrated, but it's objectively good, clearly one of the better mainstream pop records of the year, and hands down the better album of the 2 that she's put out ellie1 

13 minutes ago, Andres said:


Lady Gaga - Chromatica


I honestly don't even hate Chromatica like most elitist gays, at least it's not as annoyingly self-serious and pretentious as her past couple of albums ellie1 I wish the era was better but thank COVID for that

15 minutes ago, Andres said:

Sincerely Ciara - Album on Imgur


a wrap on 2020's REYCISM wow, can't believe we all came through lmao I genuinely didn't expect it to pan out even though it's a tradition of ours ellie1 until next year!

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