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SeekingThrill's Favorite Songs of 2020

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45. Perfume Genius - Your Body Changes Everything

The new Perfume Genius album isn't my cup of tea, but YBCE is one of the more interesting songs that I like.

44. Roisin Murphy - Narcissus

 Roisin Murphy always manages to spice up her sound, this time with disco, and she always finds a way to be different, creative and unique.

43. Madonna - I Don't Search I Find 

An interesting dance song by Madonna that sounds more like some 90s dub mix than an actual song. Smooth production and atmospheric music evoke Vogue , while Madonna's talking throughout the song reminds of Justify My Love and Erotica. The single deserved a video with Madonna's spy character. 

42. Taylor Swift - The Last Great American Dynasty 

I didn't like Folklore as a whole, but I have to say that folk music sometimes click with me and sometimes it doesn't. I enjoy The Last Great American Dynasty because I think it is one of the more melodic songs on the album.

41. Miley Cyrus (feat. Billy Idol) - Night Crawling

Billy Idol is one of my favorite male artists, so I was glad Miley decided to work with him. Miley's album has an 80s vibe, so Billy fits perfectly. The song even sounds like something Billy could have done in the 80s.


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40. Kylie Minogue -  Say Something

The song is much closer to the 80s dance synthpop scene than actual disco. A bop, nevertheless. 

39. Charli XCX - I Finally Understand

I am not a stan, but I always find some bops on Charli's  albums. I Finally Understand is a fun song with interesting production and effects.

38. La Roux - Gullible Fool

I expected La Roux's new album to be innovative,  not dated. Anyway, she served bops and Gullible Fool with its upbeat music is one of the highlights.

37. Jessie Ware - Soul Control

It is weird that Dua Lipa is praised for disco sound, because the disco vibe on her album is very subtle just like the 80s elements on Taylor's 1989. Jessie's album is a true disco inspired album and she deserves all the attention. Soul Control is a well crafted song that perfectly merges modern production and the 70s disco style.

36. Harry Styles - Watermalon Sugar

Watermelon Sugar, but it "tastes like strawberries". interesting1 

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35. La Roux - International Woman of Leisure

This could have been a hit in 2010. At this point its production is  a little bit dated. It is a bop, though.

34. Taylor Swift - Seven

I like the piano and the melancholic vibe. Favorite song on Folklore.

33. Lady Gaga - Alice

A good fusion of the 90s house and modern dance beats. Definitely a single material.

32. Georgia - 24 Hours 

Georgia's sophomore album is more than a simple synthpop album inspired by the 80s. 24 Hours is a perfect example of that - an atmospheric song with joyful synth beats and interesting vocal effects that sets Georgia apart from other modern synthpop artists.

31. Roisin Murphy - Simulation

A long song, but what a song! It starts with a dramatic intro that slowly turns into a club bop.

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11 minutes ago, SeekingThrill said:


Your Body Changes Everything, Simulation, Soul Control, I Finally Understand, The Last Great American Dynasty, Seven, so far so good.


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