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[Ended] Ari x Taylor Song Battle

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Welcome to the song battle between two of the biggest artists of the past decade, many tried to count them out, but they still come out on top.

Who will win when their songs go head to head?


Every 1-3 days, I will be choosing 1 song from each artist, that has similar lyrics, themes, tempo etc, to go up against one another, and all you have to do is pick the song that you like better.

Anyone can join in at any time.


There is a score board and it will be updated after each round. The game will end when an artist has run out of songs, or there are fewer than 4 people participating or this forum goes extinct, whichever comes first.


Previous Round Results



Round 50 Winner: King of My Heart 8
Love language 3

Round 49 Winner: Be Alright 7
Tolerate it 6


Round 48 Winner: Cardigan 6
Goodnight n go 5

Round 47 Winner: Nasty 5
Gold rush 5


Round 46 Winner: august 10
In my head 3

Round 45 Winner: Cornelia Street 9
West side 5 

Round 44 Winner: Dancing with our hands tied 8
Six thirty 3

Round 43 Winner: All Too Well 9 votes
My Everything 7 votes


Round 42 Winner: needy 11
Call It What You Want 4


Round 41 Winner: Get well soon 6 votes
Soon You’ll Get Better 5


Round 40 Tie: Break Your Heart Right Back 6
You’re Not Sorry 6


Round 39 Winner: Moonlight 7 votes
Enchanted 4 votes


Round 38 Winner: just like magic 6 votes
You Need To Calm Down 4 votes

Round 37 Winner: better off 9 votes
This Love: 5 votes 


Round 36 Winner: New Romantics 6 votes
Everyday: 4 votes


Round 35 Winner: Everything Has Changed: 6 votes
Best Mistake: 4 votes

Round 34 Winner: safety net 9 votes
Both of Us: 2

Round 33 Winner: R.E.M. 9 votes

It’s Nice To Have A Friend: 3


Round 32 Winner: Lovin’ It 7 votes

I'm only me when I'm with you: 1


Round 31 Winner: no body, no crime 7 votes

Leave Me Lonely: 5 votes.


Round 30 Winner: Ghostin’ 7 votes

Afterglow: 6 votes


Round 29 Winner: Save Your Tears 12 votes.

Lover Remix: 1


Round 28 Winner: Baby I 7 votes.

Our Song: 5 votes


Round 27 Winner: Why Try 10 votes.

Stay Stay Stay: 0 vote


Round 26 Winner: Cruel Summer 8 votes.

Everytime: 5 votes


Round 25 Winner: One Last Time 13 votes.

I Wish You Would: 1 vote


Round 24 Winner: Wildest Dreams 9 votes.



Round 23 Winner: Breathe 10 votes.

Met Him Last Night: 5


Round 22 Winner:  off the table 9 votes.

Coney island: 7


Round 21 Winner:  shut up 9 votes.

This is why we can’t have nice things 7


Round 20 Winner: This is what you came for 17 votes.

Ice Cream: 1 


Round 19 Winner: 7 Rings 11 votes.

Look What You Made Me Do 7


Round 18 Winner:  God is a Woman 13 votes.

Mad woman: 4


Round 17 Winner: Love Story 16 votes.

Tattooed Heart: 3


Round 16 Winner:  End Game 9 votes.

Motive: 8


Round 15 Winner: Ready For It 8 votes.

Side to Side: 8


Round 14 Winner: Getaway Car 9 votes.

Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored: 9


Round 13 Winner: Dress: 10 votes.

34+35: 8


Round 12 Winner: Blank Space 10 votes.

Thank u, next: 9


Round 11 Winner: You Belong With Me with 11  votes.

The Way: 7


Round 10 Winner: NASA with 13 votes.

False God = 6  votes.


Round 9 Winner: Shake It Off with 10 votes.

Break Free = 9 votes.


Round 8 Winner: no tears left to cry with 21 votes.

I Did Something Bad = 4 votes.


Round 7 Winner: Style with 14  votes.

Into You = 11 votes.


Round 6 Winner: We Are Never with 13 votes.

Problem = 10 votes.


Round 5 Winner: Lover with 12 votes.

pov = 9 votes.


Round 4 Winner: Bad Blood with 15 votes.

Bang Bang = 9 votes.


Round 3

On 1/6/2021 at 6:48 PM, Kai said:

Round 3 Winner: positions with 16 votes.

The Man = 5 votes.

Round 2

On 1/4/2021 at 9:47 PM, Kai said:

Round 2 Winner: Don’t Blame Me with 13 votes.

Dangerous Woman = 8 votes.

Round 1:

On 1/3/2021 at 11:07 PM, Kai said:

Round 1 Winner: Delicate with 14 votes.

Love Me Harder = 10 votes.



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Love Me Harder

Delicate would have won had she intermingled the first and second versions of the choruses at the end jj2

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2 minutes ago, LÉON said:

Love Me Harder

Delicate would have won had she intermingled the first and second versions of the choruses at the end jj2

Ok, Ms. Music Professor brit7

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Round 50 Winner: King of My Heart 8 Love language 3     Taylor is the winner for 50 rounds of battles. This ends the game for now  I might do more rounds when Ariana releases ano

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Round 27 Winner: Why Try 10  votes. Stay Stay Stay: 0 vote  Round 28:     Baby I   or   Our Song  

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