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Freaky Prince

Gaga's hairstylist announces Chromatica era is over; says the best they could do was one video and performance

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11 hours ago, Haruka said:

That shits just lazy this album had potential more singles and a few more videos. She wants to be a actress  and savior hoe but don't bite the hand that fed you. I still have not received my signed poster or album insert that I paid for last may and if I get just a fucking dot or a L after all this time the bitch will be called out.

She’s already got your money ny1

Time to unstan lol3 

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On 1/18/2021 at 12:12 PM, Freaky Prince said:

I fear you aren't getting anything nicki4

I talked to customer service about it they said she is behind signing the items and assured me I will get my items. It's bullshit they were pretty limited and sold quickly its been since May she hasn't been doing much but makeup bs. Like I said I get a poster with a L on it shes gonna get called out. lol2

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"We did out best"   A load of bullshit. Plenty of artists have shown that they can still produce content and promote their releases. Look at Dua, Kylie, Taylor, etc. Gaga's just lazy. This b

Dua and Kylie had no problem promoting their eras...and Taylor had 2 eras.  

It was lovely ~10 days

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