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Rate the Single Cover: Oh Mother

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Well, there's nothing to talk about so let's do this to keep the section alive. jj3

PS.: I'm not gonna include singles that don't have Xtina on the cover, or I couldn't find an official cover for.



GIAB - 7,13

WAGW - 7,3

ITTY - 7,46

COOB - 8,3

Pero Me Acuerdo de Ti - 5,6

Falsas Esperanzas - 7,2

NWTBL - 8,12

Lady Marmalade - 8,6

Dirrty - 8,4

Beautiful - 9,1

Fighter - 7,54

CHUD - 7,58

TVW - 4,5 (lowest)

ANOM - 9,3

Hurt - 9,16

Candyman - 9,4 (highest)

Slow Down Baby - 5,45

Oh Mother - 7,1



Woohoo -


I Hate Boys -

YB -


Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti -

Change -

Accelerate -


Like I Do -

Reflection (2020) -


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Let's start off with GIAB moo1 



Tagging people form the Livetina game thread, but more are welcome to join.


@Dani K.  (why the fuck can't I tag more people in one spoiler? dead2 @Ruthless Love @Chris Morlock


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The make up is great considering that there were some questionable make up choices during those times. Her hair looks healthy, her crop top looks way too Holiday-esque with the snow flake like pattern but overall, I love the pose, the toning of the picture, the font is a choice and the logo looks like a cawk ring. 


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I don't know why they can't use the screenshot from the video, she looks  better there. This cover makes her eyes look squinty like she just got out of bed or something.



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Oh Mother - 7,1 (not counting ISlayforX's trolling)   Thanks so much everyone who's participated so far! We'll continue in March since we've already met the monthly requirement for this sect

The font literally ruins the picture. Too bad because she looks good! I'll say a 8.5.

I don't want to waste rounds on covers like this

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