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is olivia going to be the final organic popstar

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olivia has saw huge success with drivers license but is she the last huge breakout popstar billie was big but after badguy her singles like tfiam and nttd have been droplets i don't even know if she is in her 2nd era or not taylor swift a veteran dropped two albums outselling most new mpgs so is oliva   the end of a era dua is already a few years in so we cant count her

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2 hours ago, Royalty said:

Absolutely not, do people stan this one hit fly?

I've seen some big olivia chart accounts on stan twitter give her a chance she might be the future of pop  


2 hours ago, Royalty said:

Btw, can you use periods, question marks etc? @GRANDESPOV wat1 

I try


2 hours ago, mylifelies said:

Nope. That's all...

it seems like it


2 hours ago, Freaky Prince said:

She isn't organic.

how come ? she been a disney girl for a few years and a huge influencer her debut single had great push to the point it debuted #1 

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2 minutes ago, GlenCoco said:

She is goint to be like Alessa Ciara or whatever her name is, she will fade away soon, she bring NOTHING new it's just Payola and the hype 

the difference is olivia is talented ac was too but not like her

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She isn't organic.

Btw, can you use periods, question marks etc? @GRANDESPOV  

Stop posting so many times in a row. Quote multiple replies in one post.

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