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Artists who got lumbered with crap features

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5 hours ago, Royalty said:

Poor Dua cry9 


He's inoffensive, but useless nicki4 Meanwhile Wank Stayne is both offensive and useless.

I feel worse for her flop Madonna/Missy Elliott collab eve1

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54 minutes ago, Villanelle said:

I think the obvious one would be Katy Perry

The Missy Elliot remix of LFN and whatever rent a rapper was on CTTR xtina1


Skip Marley on CTTR xtina1 Katy must have the record for most useless rapper features

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3 hours ago, Princess Aurora said:

This collab orangu1 


All I See is a blurry €0.50 collage and a desperate attempt to re-establish Kylie in America orangu1

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3 hours ago, Violet said:

If it was just Mariah and Mase, this would have been way better.

Ying Yang twins ruined the song.


Honey is A CLASSIC. I've Got That Boom Boom also is great the way it is imo. 

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16 hours ago, GlenCoco said:

who the fuck is sabi ? 






5 hours ago, mylifelies said:

Jenice Dena Portlock (born November 24, 1987),[1] also known as Sabi, is an American pop singer, songwriter, dancer and actress from Los Angeles, California.

She was formerly part of the hip hop girl group, The Bangz. She is currently signed to Warner Bros. Records.[2][3]



this would be Miss Sabi

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This bop is currently playing on the radio:   And for once in my life I actually feel sorry for Shitty Oral. She deserved better than to be paired with Wank Stayne.   I'm

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