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Rate The single covers: From the bottom of my broken heart

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Game idea comes from @Kirjava on the Xtina section

I'll be posting Britney single and you will rate them I f you want to be added to the tag list let me know




Previos Covers:

Baby One More Time: 6.5

Sometime 3.1

Boys: 4.7

Everytime: 8.4

WorkBitch: 6.2

MakeMe: 8.7

Circus: 9

Pretty Girls: 8.6

You Drive Mer Crazy: 4.5

Born to make you happy: 8

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1 hour ago, GlenCoco said:






While I knew this photoshoot I didn't know the album was supposed to be self titled. I'm glad they changed the name and look because this photoshoot is too melancholic and sad than what the album ended up being. Plus the hairstyle made her look older.

Btw i think you should tag the ppl who usually take part in Britney games like Brit x Xtina or Rate the performance so they know about this moo1

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