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23 hours ago, Grams said:

Why does Open Your Heart keep getting paired with Live to Tell? dead2 

Anyway, Open Your Heart of course

While Open Your Heart and Live to Tell have met for the third time now, this is actually the first time they are dueling alone.

This is a result of odd number of True Blue songs. Maybe having sneak peak into how running order of whole True Blue album looked like will help understand it better ( initial running songs' order is randomized aka the layout of the first voting cycle shown below ): jj2


First voting cycle:

  • White Heat - 1
  • Papa Don’t Preach - 15


  • Love Makes the World Go Round - 1
  • La Isla Bonita - 12


  • Open Your Heart - 16
  • Where’s the Party - 1


  • Jimmy Jimmy - 0
  • True Blue - 4
  • Live to Tell - 11


Second voting cycle:

  • Papa Don’t Preach - 7
  • La Isla Bonita - 7 ( Randomizer has been used )


  • Open Your Heart - 9
  • True Blue - 2
  • Live to Tell - 3


Third voting cyle:

  • La Isla Bonita - 5
  • Open Your Heart - 7
  • Live to Tell - 6


Fourth and final voting cycle:

  • Open Your Heart - 11 ( Winning True Blue song )
  • Live to Tell - 5


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Who's That Girl and Lucky Star will make room for new song in the final.

Results: Live to Tell doesn’t come out as sole survivor of last True Blue showdown despite 5 votes of support it got. Open Your Heart triumphs with 11.

@plutoniano: "Since both are iconic, @Shego will live with this outcome. jj2"




Who doesn't cherish love songs really? oprah7

Voting is for the song you want to keep competing.




Love Song



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