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Given the circumstances of this voting round ( until the end basically ), I think judge @Violet would benefit from special security set. ohno1

Results: Paradise ( Not for Me ) and ( barely ) not for this competition anymore departing with 8 votes, which has pushed Don't Tell Me as the Music's final representative with 9 votes.


@Kirjava: "I expect @Mr. Mendes to do the right thing in regards to the tiebreaker."



Jump then hang...

Voting is for the song you want to keep competing.


Hung Up





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Uphill battle for both premises. jj2

Results: Not being Hung Up, but not Jump(ing) to conclusions either says the scoreboard of 8:8, but randomizer will clarify:




@SockBitch: "As if we hadn't had enough of @Walkeriana's innuendos, @Free Britney will be encouraged to continue on the same path."

@V For Vendetta: "mad8"




Heart-shaped candies

Voting is for the song you want to keep competing.


Candy Shop





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Like a M is a game method through which should be chosen best Madonna’s song; in order for this to happen, a certain structure has been assigned to it; Each Madonna’s studio release will compet

Why have some of you turned judge @Alvarø against host? Results: Miles and 11 votes Away from Devil Wouldn’t Recognize It and its 4 protégés. @plutoniano: "Cool your jets, @Joanna. "

Upvote this post if you think that Till Death Do Us Part should continue competing instead of one of these bottom of the barrel songs!

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