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ny6 No, it's not me going wild, but your colleague @Platinum Gold and the rest of the panel as well. jj2

This panel got reminded of how much they have enjoyed ganging up on Super Pop in New York, so this outcome doesn't strike as surprising. ohno1

Results: Turn Up the Radio gets turned off due to failing to meet more than 1 favorable vote, while Girl Gone Wild strives with 16 votes.

@Shego: "TUTR lana9"

@SeekingThrill: " jj3 Ganging up on @Shego as well. jj5"






Voting is for the song you want to keep competing.


Inside Out


Auto-Tune Baby



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Like a M is a game method through which should be chosen best Madonna’s song; in order for this to happen, a certain structure has been assigned to it; Each Madonna’s studio release will compet

Results: Shoo-Bee-Doo to 2 votes, which doesn’t surprise if we consider the rival - Like a Virgin, which demonstrates its power over the rest of the 14 votes. @Kirjava: "Glad to know that colleag

Upvote this post if you think that Till Death Do Us Part should continue competing instead of one of these bottom of the barrel songs!

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