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Vision of MC

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3 hours ago, Brightflower said:

 @Ghostface how you doing old friend, can i pop in once in a blue moon like I always do and do this? 


Sure, you are welcome to join us, it is not consuming nor demanding nor similar to the last format you have been part of. bey7

We are going through all Mariah's albums, which are divided into rival pairs, and members are voting for the song they would like to keep in and so on until we get one winning song from each of the albums. But you will get the clearest picture when I post next round just in a bit. jj2

And yeah, I had an opportunity to see judge @Royale's goons trying to corner you, but they shouldn't be bothering you with malice intentions, no worries. jj2

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Alright, this was even and the closest  one and I thought I would need to use randomizer until I got to judge @Max's vote. moo2

Results: Through the Rain almost made it through, but 5 votes didn’t make it happen for it since I Know What You Want has collected one more than that - 6.


Well, I guess after watching Busta Rhymes's Halloween, judge @V For Vendetta is binging other horrors indeed and especailly after this outcome. jj2





Voting is for the song you want to stay competing.


Say Somethin'


We Belong Together Remix ( featuring Styles P & Jadakiss )



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Time to tell judge @Billie Frank good news that his colleague @Wonho will, hopefully, understand. ny5

Results: Guests’-tinged remix of We Belong Together goes home with 1 vote, while Say Somethin’ stays playing with help of 8 votes.





Voting is for the song you want to stay competing.


I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time


Last Kiss



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