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Vision of MC

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Results: Vulnerability proved to be pretty vulnerable after all, at least going by the sole vote it received. How Much has earned many more - 9 and will be heard again.

@Chris Morlock: "We can always rely on colleague @august pity voting some songs. oprah1"




Life is full of twists, dances and turns. jj2

Voting is for the song you want to stay competing.


All My Life





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On 4/7/2021 at 12:49 AM, Billie Frank said:

How much @Ghostface does it cost for your lessons in human behaviour? Asking for a friend!


No worries, dear Billie, he in the question is making progress as seen down below. ny5

1 minute ago, august said:

It's not a pity vote babe, I just prefer ballads over songs that just have RnB beats over them... nicki5




And then I am the one who ( allegedly ) takes jokes seriously. ny5

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Vision of MC  is a game method through which should be chosen best Mariah Carey’s song; in order for this to happen, a certain structure has been assigned to it; Each Mariah’s studio release wi

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