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Vision of MC

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Results: 8 voting members didn’t let Faded to fade ( not even special guest Alan Walker ), but 1 vote may be reason enough for Cry. to cry.

     @V For Vendetta: “This is what @Atlantis Princess gets for using dark mode.”




You need to be cautious with this panel - you never know what they can give or do. 

Voting is for the song you want to stay competing.


Giving Me Life


With You





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Baby Lmao GIF by swerk


I gotta love my luck. As if 4:4 weren’t enough, now 3:3:3 haunts me ( half-devil ). And that also confirms judge @V For Vendetta also using dark mode.


Results: 9 votes and all equally distributed between Giving Me Life, With You and Caution. Randomizer is taking double shift tonight and first song to secure itself place in Caution’s final showdown is:




and now out of With You and Caution, upper hand gets:




@Billie Frank: “Oh wow, whew, I thought I would be joining @Atlantis Princess on the cry.ing floor, but, thankfully, @Violet has spiced things up.”

@Royale: “Caution’s final round won’t be that much spicy.”

@Trunks: “Despite my vote, I agree with @Royale.”





Vision of lonely love usually turns out to be the case, but the day to pick the winning song of self-titled is here.  

Voting is for the song you want to stay competing.


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