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#PI: Entries Thread

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Hi all! Now that the week one deadline for Trending Challenges has passed, you can use this thread to post your entries on a weekly basis. Please only post your entries after the deadline for that week has passed, and be aware that you are still required to PM your entries to the judges every week. This thread is not a substitute for that, instead it's for sharing your entries with each other and commenting on them. Enjoy! 

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Week 1:

Kesha - Single






For this challenge, i’ll be talking about my new single “birds’/dreamin’”. Since it’s a mashup of two of my songs, “Birds” and “Dreamin’”, I'll be talking about each individually then explain the reasoning as to why I mashed the two tracks up.


"Birds'' is a song by American and Ugandan singer Kesha for her ninth studio album BiTtErSwEeT (2019), featuring the vocals from black profile picture enthusiast, Ariana Grande. It was made available for digital on iTunes and GOLDn by Atlantic Records as the album's second single. The track originated from an iconic birdwatch activity with Miss Grande in the streets of LA. Sam Wishkoski, who contacted Kesha and offered her an early version of the song, the two then quickly began to work while laughing in between looking at elderly men pee on bushes nearby. "Birds'' was written by the singers with Ben Haggerty, Stuart Crichton, and its producer, Budo, and co-produced by Jon Castelli. Musically, the song is a soul-influenced pop piano ballad that features lush production and accompaniment from violins, strings, celli, backing vocals and drums.


"Dreamin’" is a song recorded by American and Ugandan singer-songwriter Kesha. It is taken from her ninth studio album, BiTtErSwEeT (2019). "Raising Hell" fuses pop, pop rock, gospel, EDM and bounce into a classic "Kesha-esque" composition. Although it wasn’t a single, fans quickly proclaimed it as one of the album tracks to remember. To promote the album, Kesha performed it “Dreamin’” live on multiple occasions, including her When You Love Someone: A Passionate Tour (2019).


During a tootland conversation, #latina user Selena Gomez expressed to Kesha that she should release Birds as her next single again, and eliminate #fakelatina Ariana from the mix. Kesha took the opportunity to mix in another deep cut from her most recent album. birds/dreamin’ is the perfect opportunity to guide the fans into the new sonicality of her next project.



The Weeknd - Magazine








The Weeknd graces V Magazine’s Spring cover today (Feb 2), for the first time. With his signature afro and moustache, the singer  flexes in a black blazer teamed with a black t-shirt and accented with a gold necklace before finishing the look with a gold Rolex timepiece.


Below are excerpts of the cover stories presented on the magazine cover.


The Releases of Tomorrow:

The Weeknd’s second studio album, Prisoner of Fate, was a commercial success, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Tootland Charts and is on its way to be certified Platinum. In a digital interview with V magazine, however, the Canadian singer said he focused more on singular, individual songs rather than a structured body of work while recording. By comparison, The Weeknd made an effort to tell a “very specific story” with his latest album. "I’m thankful for the success of Prisoner of Fate, but I needed to get back to my roots of storytelling," he explained. The singer explains how he jumped in right away after the release of his first EP, Acid Dreams. "... It was more about individual songs and in the midst of that I didn’t really care about making an actual body of work. But what I do best are albums, and this time around I collaborated with amazing artists that really gave me a different perspective to the art of album making.”

Cool vs. Obscure:

In contrast, The Weeknd told V magazine he is telling a “very specific story” with his new album, which according to our sources is still very far away, “On the surface it would seem my songs are about love, drugs, sex and hanging out but I always tell a story in my albums and I am telling a very specific story with this one,” he said.

‘the pursuit of art, how the fever stroke & what a nightcrawler thinks’:

Elsewhere in the interview, the Republic Records singer spoke about taking a break to “live life” in the midst of making TW3: “2020 was a year to reflect on life, all my records are a continuation of the last one. The process of this album started after my last PI Awards appearance and I didn’t know what I was making but it felt like free thinking music. I stopped recording for a while and started living life. Then I came back to making the record and got to live with it with fresh ears and was able to complete it and now I’m ready to hand it over to my fans.” He didn't stop there, after we ended our interview, Abel weirdly teased another separate scheme that will supposedly come out sooner than TW3. Perhaps the magazine cover has some hints towards the nature of this “plot”.



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Erika Jayne - Single Challenge


 Erika Jayne covers the 1981 Dutch gay anthem "Why Tell Me Why"


Length: 03:08
Songwriters: Pieter Souer, Gregory Elias, Erika Jayne.
Producers: Martin Duiser, Erika Jayne, Max Martin.
Song description:
Erika Jayne has always had a special connection with the Netherlands aswell as the gay community. She has been performing and advocating for them for her whole career, so it was only a matter of time she covered the (for people in the Netherlands) iconic gay anthem "Why Tell Me Why". The song is played at every gay pride party in the Netherlands, that's why Erika chose to cover this song and give the rest of the world a little taste of the Dutch pride. Erika added some of her own lyrics to the song, ofcourse with the approval of the Dutch team that made the original for her song. She also went into the studio with Max Martin to make the production of the song more fitting for 2021, but tried to keep the changes as little as possible, out of respect for the original artist and producers. "Why Tell Me Why" is available on all streaming services and literally said: gay rights. 

The original audio:




Kim Petras - Tour Challange


 Kim Petras: The #EP Online Tour


Artist: Kim Petras
Opening act: Charli XCX

1. Haywire
2. Deactivate My Heart
3. Too Late 2 Party
4. Mad (Troye Sivan cover)
- The President’s Wife interlude + outfit change -
4. Lana del Rey
5. Lana del Rey Pt. 2
6. Moan
7. Sex Tape
- Erika Jayne interlude + outfit change -
8. Erika Jayne medley (Squats, Power, Sugar Rush & We’re Not Getting Younger)
9. Milkshake
10. #ALBUM1 Medley (contains unreleased song snippets from: Zombie Heart, Ricochet, Afterlife)
10. Chardonnay + Cocaine
11. On My Level

Startdate North America: February, 1st
Enddate North America: February, 8th
Startdate Europe: February, 15th
Enddate Europe: February, 22th
Prices North America:
Show ticket: $30,-
Show ticket + merch item (send to your house): $40,-
"HAYWIRE" Bundle (ticket + merch item + 1 on 1 Zoom meeting for 10 mins. with Kim): $75,-
Prices Europe: 
Show ticket: €25,-
Show ticket + merch item (send to your house): €38,-
"HAYWIRE" Bundle (ticket + merch item + 1 on 1 Zoom meeting for 10 mins. with Kim): €72,50
Number of shows: 7 for each continent, 14 in total
Tour outfits: 
Act I:



Act II:



Act III:



Tour sypnosis:

The buyers of the tickets receive a link in their e-mail, so they can access the zoom meeting where the tour is streamed in. Even though the concert is through a zoom meeting, it’s live and Kim performs live every day. After a short set from 5 songs by Charli XCX, it’s finally time for Kim to enter the stage. A short video is played before the show starts. Kim starts the show with “Haywire”, while a video of movie scenes (but replaced with Kim) are shown on a screen behind her. After the song is ended, Kim smiles and stands at the edge of the stage. “Hello, North America/Europe, welcome to the EP online tour. I hope you’re going to enjoy my show. The next song is called Deactivate My Heart, and even though I can’t see you, I expect you to be dancing and singing!” Kim performs the song, while three dancers appear in the background. They dance to the song, while Kim performs the song. After these two songs, she performs “Too Late 2 Party” and a cover from Troye Sivans latest single, “Mad”.

While Kim leaves the stage, a short video of the killing of John F. Kennedy is played. The only thing different is that the First Lady is portrayed by Kim and John F. Kennedy is portrayed by Jay Park, a good friend of Kim Petras. After this short video, Kim comes on stage again in a different outfit and performs “Lana del Rey”. After the song, a short transmission comes in while Kim dances on stage and “Lana del Rey, pt. 2” starts playing. After the song is ended, Kim smiles and says: “I love you, Lana.” She drops a part of her outfit, so she is a little bit more naked and a bed is being dragged on stage. Kim is placed on the bed and takes some sexy poses. She starts singing “Moan” and her debut single “Sex Tape”.

After this song is played, another video starts playing while Kim leaves the stage to change her outfit. This video is from Erika Jayne, who tells a personal message on how proud she is of Kim petras, a speech about the LGBTQ+ community and how she loves making music. After that, Kim comes on stage to perform a medley of her favorite Erika Jayne songs: SQUATS, Power, Sugar Rush and We’re Not Getting Younger. The medley rolls into the instrumental of Milkshake and Kim performs that too. Then she starts a short speech: “After this tour has ended, I will release my debut album. Have some taste from it.” Kim then performs a 30 sec snippet from the songs “Zombie Heart”, “Ricochet” and “Afterlife”. The show ends with “Chardonnay + Cocaine” and “On My Level”. Kim thanks the crowd for buying a ticket and leaves the stage.


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15 hours ago, Hyun. said:


Ariana Grande
Magazine Challenge

  Reveal hidden contents



Troye Sivan
Single Challenge

  Reveal hidden contents

  in two different versions for your visual and conceptual enjoyment!

light version

  Reveal hidden contents


dark version

  Reveal hidden contents





oomf learnt how to ctrl+i? Graphic design is your passion!


EDIT: if only it were my passion and I didn't f up the formatting of this post so bad omg??

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7 hours ago, sexotheque. said:


  Reveal hidden contents

oomf learnt how to ctrl+i? Graphic design is your passion!


EDIT: if only it were my passion and I didn't f up the formatting of this post so bad omg??

this entire post vs my sanity

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Single Challenge

Charade” is the new upcoming single by Avril Lavigne, The Pop Punk songstress revealed that the song is very “heavy, moody, in your face” With some lyrics stating “Your empty promises causes frustration, I can’t hold back, I’ll leave if you don’t stop the charade” She also talks about a new album coming later this year. Described the album as “Heavy and fun and like you’re on a roller coaster” 

Written by : Avril Lavigne, Chantal Kreviazuk

Prodcued by : Avril Lavigne

Time length : 3:00






avril lavigne GIF


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Week 2:

The Weeknd - Interview Challenge


Interview happened on Feb 12, via ZOOM.

Plain text:



Chase the Night Crawl. (Interview by Kara Brown)

Abel Tesfaye, better known to the public as the Weeknd, began releasing music in 2019, building buzz primarily via the Internet. Now a budding superstar, with a string of No. 1 hits (“Over You,” “Wait for Me,” “Lover I Don’t Have to Love”) and a new collaborative album, Earth, Water and Fire, that is shaping up for millions of streams on all streaming services.Yet as ubiquitous as his music may be, he often grants interviews through a very enigmatic point.

In 2019, you released Trouble in Paradise, which went platinum; “Over You” the  lead single ended up reaching #1. How did that make you feel?

“I think the stars definitely did align for me, even though I put a lot of hard work into it. Today you can be here, but tomorrow, you could be gone.”

And yet you repeated the feat this time again with your second album Prisoner of Fate, which continues to be a sort of landmark for you.

“It’s The Journey. I feel like I worked my entire life for these records, batter up, you know, this is your time to shine.”

It’s an interesting admission and one that allows a peek into your quiet yet dogged ambition. So many people are trying to be stars, but not many are willing to openly admit that. I ask if there are certain achievements left checking off your list?

 “Yes. Definitely, I’m recognizing that there are certain things legends do, and if I am to be a legend, I must pursue the same."

Your latest collective effort, Earth, Water & Fire, was rumoured to be almost shelved — both because it was released weeks before your next studio project, according to TMZ, and because it includes tracks from that supposed project.

“I don’t want to open that Pandora’s box, and talk about speculation. We’ve been working on this for months now. It’s therapeutic, it’s cathartic. You want to get it out, it’s like you close a chapter and finally enjoy the silence.”

But in the midst of all this new music mania, you released a song separate from this massive project. One would call it a conflict of interests.

“I feel confident with where I’m taking this new record though. There’s also a very committed vision and character being portrayed and I get to explore a different side of me that my fans have never seen. Pursuit was the first song I wrote after that album, so it felt fitting for me to put it out as fast as I could.”

I was laser focused back when i started and I’m laser focused right now. It’s not about the upfront money, this is my soul. That’s all I can really say about that. Normani and Doja Cat are some of the black artists that I’m loving to see.



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Week 2: The Weeknd - Interview Challenge Interview happened on Feb 12, via ZOOM. Plain text:  

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