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[Ended] evermore megarate results on Page 1

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Just now, fab said:

oh wait I missed no body, no crime .. it's a good song that has grown on me, but I agree we expected a bit more from a HAIM collab.. Gasoline better deliver true1 

Hopefully dorothea and happiness will grow on you too lj1

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Just now, plutoniano said:

oooooh i was joking cause i always get exposed eve1


no prob then. I like the mystery wendy1 

If people really want to know your score, then they can sort of do reverse maths to find out.

But I don't know how to do that because I'm bad at maths gaga5

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1 minute ago, Wonho said:

gaga5 I truly don't understand your rates, but maybe Gaga infected your ear canals...

exactly which part of my vote do you disagree with brit4 

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Welcome to the evermore Megarate.  Results:   17. dorothea 16. no body, no crime 15. it's time to go 14. gold rush 13. cowboy like me 11. marjorie 11. clos

let me repost this bc it perfectly summarises my feelings about this megarate     

girl you should have, look at the mess you made 

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