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Dennis Reynolds

Do you prefer streaming services releasing seasons of shows each week or all at once?

scotty doesn't know  

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  1. 1. so don't tell scotty

    • All at once
    • Each week
    • Depends on the show

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Well, what do you prefer? brit16 


Me personally, I think it just depends on the series. I had a ton of fun binging season 3 of Cobra Kai as soon as it came out, but with other shows like season 2 of The Mandalorian I enjoyed speculating with others on what would happen and it was something to look forward to every week. There's series like Tiger King that everyone was obsessed with for like ten days and nobody has given a shit since, so I think the weekly release is kind of what can turn a show into a phenomenon. I also think a lot of shows that do the full release end up writing it with a big cliffhanger to attempt to give people something to talk about/postpone everyone immediately forgetting about it, which I think can be kind of lame (I just dislike Stranger Things more every season nicki5). But the binge can be fun, and I see the appeal.


tl;dr - depends on the show but lean towards the weekly release.

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my bf definitely like all at once but for me it depends yet I don't care [lmao] as either way I don't watch tv or movies like I used to in middle and high school compared to now, a college graduate.

I would like to binge watch Wandavision ,but at the same time the weekly drops keeps me intrigued and the chances of spoilers decreases. At the same time unfortunately, the moment a Wanda episode drops, people and you tubers are already spoiling the episode in the thumbnail or title of videos or articles, so if you havent watched the episode in the last 12 hrs it dropped there is no escape of spoilers 

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It's a mixed bag - I enjoy Wandavision weekly, but also you're always wanting more. But I feel emptier after watching complete seasons of shows in 1 day and then having to wait a year or more. 

My favorite thing is binge watching a new TV show's previous season then watching the current season week to week. But obviously you can only do that once.


But some shows don't deserve a week to week format. One major example is Insecure - the episodes are only 30 mins, there are only 8-10 episodes, and season 5 premiered after a 2 year hiatus  nicki5   I also feel like week to week shows (most being cable TV) usually drag things OUT just to fill episodes wheras shows that drop everything at once usually have their shit together and stop after a certain season. 

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It depends on the show. For lighter shows I don't mind all the episodes dropping at once, but for the bigger dramas I prefer them to be weekly. I think most people underestimate the effectiveness of a wait period. When you let things settle in your mind for a while, things get more exciting. You can come up with new theories, discuss the shows, enjoy the suspense and all that. And when you engage in those activities, it helps you feel more connected to the characters, which improves your overall experience. 

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I'm impatient af and would much rather get a full drop, but at the same time people go through media so quickly.

When whole seasons get dropped and I feel like a lot of the discussion and speculation dies out way faster than before, and it also means season end cliffhangers are even more annoying instead of like... mid-season ones.

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On 2/12/2021 at 11:20 PM, Dennis Reynolds said:

Daenerys heading for Westeros was a weird cliffhanger to end the series on, I wonder what happened next



sadly, the writers died unexpectedly. HBO has confirmed they WILL wait for GRRM to finish writing the books before continuing the series.


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All at once. The last show I actually enjoyed week to week was Game of Thrones.

What was the last season you enjoyed?  

the final season aka season 6

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