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Wouldn't "Farming Britney Spears" be a more appropriate title?

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10 minutes ago, Dani K. said:

But why make a BG thread about it? Shouldn't this be in the B section if OP truly wants to show support for B? 



True. But I think if he were to post this thread in the B section, he would have gotten ripped to shreds even more. He chose the safe route here. I kind of would have done the same...just to avoid any sort of potential penalization. 

9 minutes ago, Dani K. said:

IsprayforX want to be relevant with "controversial" BG threads.


Not “ISpray” 😂😂😂😂

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For the love of God, please stop posting about Britney.

Jesus Christ, the level of pettiness and being pathetic you have just reached to make fun of this. You’re disgusting.

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