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Chris Morlock

Your fav alt artwork for The Best Damn Thing

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same as the Let Go thread. the only alt cover for Under My skin was the image mirrored and another has the top corner tear was black instead of white



WW standard - discogs.com/Avril-Lavigne-The-Best-Damn-Thing/release/4958735



WW limited edition - discogs.com/Avril-Lavigne-The-Best-Damn-Thing/release/6482341



US / Europe CD/DVD alternate - discogs.com/Avril-Lavigne-The-Best-Damn-Thing/release/1452769



Taiwan limited edition slipcase - discogs.com/Avril-Lavigne-The-Best-Damn-Thing/release/4996893



Japan edition - discogs.com/Avril-Lavigne-The-Best-Damn-Thing/release/5922740


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i like original as well, its most professional locking, and makes the best vinyl. The limited edition pink and black pattern does excite me tho, makes it very spacial looking 

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The original is my favorite.

Japan edition and the OG   the pink one looks like its made bu the intern look at the hair borders lol 

Japan Edition >>>>>>>>

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