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#1s of 2020 Megarate (Billboard Hot 100)

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1 minute ago, Billie Frank said:

I think he's missing the big mushy thing that goes between them. brit4

Not me reading "mushy" as "bushy" BYE I was so shook

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Just now, Billie Frank said:

BabyMarios tastes are outright bad, Wonhoos are just bland. moo1

BabyMario coming worst taste at FOTP Razzies

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1 minute ago, BabyMario44 said:

Just bc i don't stan talentless girls, i swear 🙄

But you stan an abuser and a stalker though brit4

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34 minutes ago, Lynk said:

Did you just call me dyslexic? scream2

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All jokes aside please change it back. I can't tell you the number of times I type in "Chris Morlock"


I was planning to only have this for the minimum 30 days anyway dead2

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Just now, Lynk said:

Me watching everyone drag BabyMario for giving Cardigan a 2 knowing damn well I gave it a 4




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