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Dennis Reynolds

Longest you've gone without getting your hair cut?

ark of the covenant  

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  1. 1. top men

    • 3-6 months
    • 6-9 months
    • 9-12 months
    • 1 year-1 year and a half
    • 2 years or longer
    • I am Rapunzel

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Just now, LÉON said:

@Dennis Reynolds why does it say "top men" at the top?


It is a reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark, yes bebe1 I almost always fill out the field in the poll with some quote or song or joke or whatever since I don't like retyping the same question over and over again.

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2 hours ago, LÉON said:

giveup1 Maximillion Reasons to stan you cry3

Love you ari5

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1 hour ago, LÉON said:

Going through my notifications from you today was a wild ride katy4

I'm sorry katy2

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when I was like 12 my hair was pretty long, like 15-20cm .. however since being an adult I've never gone longer than 3 months without getting a haircut bebe1 usually I get one ever 6 weeks, I hate having long hair bebe1 

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Yes I survived 10 years on FOTP - cancer ain't got nothing on me.

Well, I haven't gotten my hair cut since I was 12 and that was... 11 years ago almost 12! My hair is super, super long and I adore it. I do plan on cutting it in a few years or so after I get tired of

it's been at least more than a year! thanks to lockdown and all, i hate getting my hair cut too

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