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Demi wants to go completely bald to end heteronormativity

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2 minutes ago, Atlantis Princess said:

Why? What she's saying and feeling is true tho rip4

Not really sia4 She's just been really woke recently for different things... and there's no strong reason behind them... Nobody tells her to keep long hair etc. Also that opinion about baby gender reveal party being transphobic sia4 Using photo filters is dangerous, yet she uses tons of botox and fillers sia4

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It's her experience, her feeling, her idea, etc. But you know that there are pretty much short haired and even bald women in the world who don't even care about the whole heteronormativity shebang, right? They just cut their hair, that's it. Question is, does she know that? Or is she living in a sheltered opaque bubble now?

I can't believe that this is the same woman who once sung Sky-fuvking-scraper and Warrior. I stanned her so hard back in those days; she gave me an inspiration to persevere despite my early sexual awakening which had both excited me and confused me. She had done it without even trying, but now she's trying too hard to be politically correct. Hmmm...

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Imagine performative wokeness to be "relevant" instead of making music people actually wanna listen to dead1

If she wants to shave her head because of "fighting heteronormativity" sure, and it's great that she's discovering that she's not straight. Heteronormativity sucks, most of this forum has been there.

But idk, I feel specifically linking this haircut to that feels performative more than it is meaningful.

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She did this years ago, when she got snatched by Poot

Why? What she's saying and feeling is true tho 

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