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Chris Morlock

10 people shot & killed in grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, USA

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As I said earlier, for people not born and raised in the United States, it's really difficult to conceptualize why this keeps happening, and nothing gets done. 

Americans love their guns, always have -- and even today, even after all the tragedies that we've had to live through, a majority of Americans still feel that even banning some firearms is unconstitutional. Even going further, even the most conservative estimates suggests that 2/3rds of Americans are in favor of keeping the 2nd Amendment. 

I'm not apologizing for it, or rationalizing it (persay), but there are very complex reasons for why shit like this feelings normal in this country.    

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It's also odd how it's a certain race that tends to do these random mass shootings, when I mentioned this on twatter a few years ago, I got banned by the Twatter Nazi moderators. 

All the constant loss of life due to the lack of proper gun laws is very upsetting. When will the US realise. Stay Safe...

Yeah... It's always a white patriotic extremist Christian "protecting" their country...    It's funny how when a terrorist claims to be related to Islam people go after Muslims, yet when it'

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