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Little Monsters are signing a petition for Lady Gaga to release ARTPOP Act II.

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3 hours ago, Madonna said:

The UTTER desperation. jj4 

The gag is DJWS is lowkey just as delusional as liddos who think Gaga will release an album with unreleased songs from an 2013 album (and it being ARTPOP on top).  I'm sure Act 2 isn't even in the back of her mind. jj4

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On 4/8/2021 at 3:12 PM, Chris Morlock said:

and she already deleted DWUW from it back in 2019


so theres more room for the new songs sass1 

she can easily replace this with Princess Die or the DWYW version with Xtina. she can remove Jewels N Drugs as well and replace it with Brooklyn Nights

tracklist should've like this, slightly different:

1. Aura

2. Venus

3. G.U.Y.

4. Brooklyn Nights


6. Ratchet

7. Princess Die



10. Donatella

11. Fashion!

12. Do What You Want (feat. Xtina)

13. Sexxx Dreams

14. Mary Jane Holland

15. I Wanna Be With You

16. Gypsy

17. Applause

On 4/7/2021 at 6:40 AM, Mr. Mendes said:

She's sure as hell not going to backtrack to songs that are attached to her most rejected album by general audiences right when she's got them back again. 

I wish she would release this, but ok

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The only real similarity between Chromatica and BTW are aesthetics, with both being darker/grungier for the most part. And that's still a stretch. Musically they're not really similar at all imo. 

It already reached like 26k and he responded that it's obviously not happening and that he texted Gaga. 

so, Little Monsters are signing petition for Gaga to release ARTPOP Act 2 (i signed da petition) and looks like her producer noticed it too. DJ White Shallow has confirmed that he'll show Lady Gaga th

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