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Demi continues to fight with 'triggering' Yogurt store

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2 hours ago, Chris Morlock said:

Why are y'all so mean dead4 

It's not like she's doing anything bad or inherintly wrong mad5

I wouldn't say she isn't doing anything wrong here. First and foremost she is openly attacking a local, small business and sending that attack directly to her fanbase. The pandemic is still going on, small business are still in real danger and if they get any sort of blowback from this (and hopefully they won't) then that could seriously hurt them under the current conditions. But beyond that, her choice to specifically call out the fact that sugar free and and alternate options were on such prominent display just adds to the already existing stigma that surrounds those who have medical conditions that require they consume those options. There's a very clear and very prominent generalization that everyone who is diabetic or has hypglycemia or celiac disease has it because they maintain poor habits which is of course far from the truth. To make a public complaint about these options being where they are (it was explained why these options were displayed this way by the business) just screams out that it's an inconvenience and is worth shaming because it's not what she wants to see. What kind of message do you think that would send to someone who has to have those options, and how shitty do you think it'd make them feel in the process? 

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She should really focus on herself and choose her battles more wisely 

Maybe she should stay offline for awhile...she has an album capaign going, shouldn’t she focus on that?  

What?  I refuse to believe she has this many followers. Where are they when she drops new music?

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