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Slasher! Season 6 - CHARMED - Sign ups

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7 hours ago, Madonna said:


After one year Slasher!™ is finally returning!!!

As voted by players of the previous season, this season of slasher will have a Charmed theme.

Signs ups will close on April 30th

Game will start on May 1st

What is Slasher?

Slasher is a party game created for about 16 or 20 people, but can be accommodated for more or less (preferably more to create more roles).
A group of players are demons, and they have to vote on who to kill in the group of innocents. So basically two teams; Demons and Innocents.

A lot of this game has to do with PMs, so I hope those of you who sign up will commit to it and be available when the updates are posted, if not then please don't sign up! 
It gets irritating when people sign up and don't actually play because it doesn't help the players or benefit the teams!

The game is short, it takes about a 2-3 weeks depending on strategy and activity.

How to play:

The game is split into two events. Day time and Night time. I know we all have different time zones so instead of actual day time and night time it will be fictional. I will have them in 12 hour periods to allow everyone a chance to vote and converse with fellow players.

Night time: 
Demons will vote in a private PM on who they want to kill while the innocents are "asleep".
The players with roles will be active during night time as well.

Day time: 
In the daytime I will write an update and announce (as the narrator) who was killed, as well as how and what role they have had.

All players will chat in the thread and try to get to know each other as much as possible (to reveal if they're a Demon or Innocent), as well as vote to lynch a suspect.

Innocents need to vote on who the demon is. If they are right when voting, a demon is eliminated. If they're wrong, they just killed an innocent member on their team.

Private Group chats are allowed amongst the Innocents but I MUST BE ADDED INTO IT

This often gets ignored but it's not an option. It keeps me in the loop and also reflects at the end of the season.


How to win:

All Demons need to do is kill all of the Innocents. Innocents need to get rid of the all Demons before it is too late. If there are more demons than innocents, then the remaining innocents lose. Plain and simple!


See the Book of Shadows thread!


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I wished I could join but since my internship is going on, I think I won't be able to make it since my shift is always at noon/evening (boarding school). 

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After one year Slasher!™ is finally returning!!! As voted by players of the previous season, this season of slasher will have a Charmed theme. Signs ups will close on April 30th Game wi

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