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Albania's Got Talent

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On 6/8/2021 at 11:11 PM, Ghostface said:


I didn't know that when pressing Mwah button now, @Entea and @Trunks fall from their chairs. ny5


16 hours ago, Ghostface said:

When we will see @Trunks and @Entea getting into physical altercation? oprah1

Ask my on a date already nicki5

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Welcome to Round 47 of Albania's Got Talent!
Let's see how you voted in the last round. 

Physical - 17
Break My Heart - 1

Well, no need for a grand reveal this round! Physical has scored a total wipeout against Break My Heart, securing 94.4% of the votes.
Break My Heart's journey finishes in the 9th Place.


Judges, welcome to the semifinals of Albania's Got Talent!
As we enter the final week of the game, we are now officially a closed game, meaning no more new judges will be accepted to join the panel. 
This is to ensure that the final results will be faithful to our existing panel of judges that have been participating.

@Max & @Miss Icon will be the final new judges of the game.

Judges, with that out of the way -- it's now time to vote!
Remember, you are voting to save.




Blow Your Mind (Mwah)



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7 minutes ago, Gabe. said:

well then vote for Electricity bestie!


my vote safely goes to Electricity cry4


absolutely not sweaty rih6

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