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Albania's Got Talent

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6 minutes ago, LÉON said:

@Grams bullied me into play the Lana game that no one understood katy4


I am glad bullying worked there, Lips by the Botched. It was similar to this, but all of a sudden you understand it - wonders of bullying. oprah1

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Welcome to round five of Albania's Got Talent!
I see we have a new addition this round. Welcome @Teenage Wet Dream to the panel!
Let's see how you voted in the last round!

Hallucinate - 37
Love Again - 29
Fever - 23
Levitating (Blessed Madonna Remix) - 7

Levitating (Blessed Madonna Remix) has proven itself to be very unpopular, failing to crack even double digits.
The Mwah! Button, currently held by @Hyun., has remained unused.

It's now time to vote again!

Copy paste the list below and assign the songs to the scores.

3 - 

2 - 

1 - 

0 - 



Lost in Your Light


If It Ain't Me

Blow Your Mind (Mwah)



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