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Slasher! Season 6 - CHARMED - San Francisco Town Hall (Official Thread)

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Welcome everyone and thanks for joining the 6th season of Slasher!

By now, all of you should have received a PM with your roles.

In this thread you'll have the chance to get in touch with ALL of your fellow players. It will used mainly to lynch but also to drag each other to hell and back! You are also very welcome to throw your accusations, suspicions and theories around in this thread, in fact you are required to because otherwise this game won't be fun and can't function properly. However, make sure to keep it cute cause this ain't NHB and I can't guarantee that you won't be warned. 


In order to determine the perfect time for this game and its challenges to start, you will need to tell me your timezone by voting in the poll.
I will then announce the time for the next update/lynch in the OP. 

If you are unsure about your time zone, here's a map:






@Gabe. @LÉON @Max
mylifelies.png?width=351&height=526 Maria.png gabe.png?width=351&height=526 leon.png max.png


@Strobo @Amanda Laura @Royale @Lynk
Simon.png Strobo.png amanda_laura.png royale.png?width=351&height=526 frankie.png



@Mario @SockBitch @Ghostface
phoebe.png Urbi.png?width=351&height=526 mario.png?width=351&height=526 sockbitch.png?width=351&height=526 Ghostface.png?width=351&height=526


@fab @Billie Frank @Chris Morlock @Shego
Entea.png fab.png billie_frank.png Chris_Morlock.png shego.png


Morning Update (where you will find out who died and how)
11:30 AM (UTC+0)
12:30 PM (UTC+1)
12:30 PM (UTC+2)
01:30 PM (UTC+3)
06:30 AM (UTC-4)
05:30 AM (UTC-6)


opens at:
12 PM (UTC+0)
1 PM (UTC+1)
1 PM (UTC+2)
2 PM (UTC+3)
7 AM (UTC-4)
6 AM (UTC-6)

closes at:
12 AM (UTC+0)
1 AM (UTC+1)
1 AM (UTC+2)
2 AM (UTC+3)
7 PM (UTC-4)
6 PM (UTC-6)


5 PM (UTC+0)
6 PM (UTC+1)
6 PM (UTC+2)
7 PM (UTC+3)
12 AM (UTC-4)
11 AM (UTC-6)

11 PM (UTC+0)
12 AM (UTC+1)
12 AM (UTC+2)
1 AM (UTC+3)
5 PM (UTC-4)
4 PM (UTC-6)

Night Update (where the demons will decide who to kill (12 hours)):
11:30 PM (UTC+0)
12:30 AM (UTC+1)
12:30 AM (UTC+2)
01:30 AM (UTC+3)
06:30 PM (UTC-4)
05:30 PM (UTC-6)

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@Phoebe @LÉON @Ghostface @Lynk @Amanda Laura @mylifelies @Simón. @Chris Morlock @Shego @fab @Max @Gabe. @Royale @Urbi @Billie Frank @SockBitch @Mario @Entea @Strobo @Maria

I knew the day Piper made me see Dr. Wallis for my recurring pest chain that there wasn't much time left to prepare my sweet girls for the inevitable. I had decided that they weren't ready to be the Charmed Ones, the greatest witches the world has ever known.  Prue was too consumed with her job and her wedding with this fool of a mortal, Phoebe constantly got into trouble and Piper refused to acknowledge her talents. I brew a potion that would strip them of their powers, to protect them when I no longer could. Little did I know that my end would come sooner than I expected and so I left the girls on their own, with no protection or warning of what was about to happen…

Immediately after my death, Phoebe left the city. She would eventually return thanks to the signals I sent Piper and her from the after life. I knew it was her curiosity that would help me lure her into the attic to activate their powers on the autumnal equinox, a very powerful date for witches. I knew this would enhance their powers to fight their first demonic attack that was bound to happen that very day…


As you could probably tell by my avi and new username, I will narrate the story as the Charmed Ones' dead grandma.



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3 minutes ago, Maria said:

i've never seen one episode of charmed in my whole entire life but i'm excited to participate 


Omg bestie you're missing out on a lot! It's an amazing TV show.


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6 minutes ago, Lynk said:

Why am I Frankie Grande? dead2

I couldn’t find an unflattering pic of Ariana, so I chose him instead lol.

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