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Jesy has reportedly blocked her Little Mix ex-bandmates; blocks fans asking her about it

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Less than six months on, what seemed like an amicable split between pals at first has taken a very different turn. A source close to Jesy confirmed she has put a block on all direct personal contact with the band, and has not spoken to her former pals for several months.

The insider said: “The plan was always to stay in touch but that just hasn’t happened because Jesy didn’t want it. She wants to sever ties and start again — that seems to be both professionally and personally.”

This week, Jesy was notably absent from a string of celebrity congratulations for Leigh-Anne when she announced she was pregnant. As one source put it: “This hasn’t quite gone to plan. The truth is, the girls really thought Jesy would take a break for a while rather than come back as a solo artist immediately. That feels like a bit of a dig, and some of the things she has said took the girls by surprise.”

But another added: “Jesy has always been incredibly ambitious. In many ways she was a bit of a leader in the band during most of their time together. Nobody should be that surprised she’s interested in a solo career — and she feels ready now that the situation is different. But the fact is, communication between them has basically broken down now. There are formalities at times via third parties, but they’re not meeting up for cosy drinks. Things have changed a lot and there’s a clear divide now.”


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 Now fans have blasted Jesy on social media after she blocked fans who asked her about this report.




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This is really childish and weird on her part if it really is one-sided. I can understand how she didn't like being a girl group and whatever, but, like, that's how you came up in the music industry and that's how you're able to have this opportunity to launch your solo career now. Might as well respect that fact instead of randomly cutting off these people who did seemingly nothing to you and saw you as a friend they wanted to keep in touch with dead1

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If true, it's sad, especially because of how close they once were.. but nobody knows what may have happened behind the scenes. rih14 Either way, Jade, Leigh Anne, and Perrie have been very classy about the whole thing clap3

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This is just sad, what made them so special is that they were all genuinely friends. I understand why she wanted to leave the band, but with how she's acted after this doesn't surprise me at all honestly. I understand why her former bandmates feel like it is a bit of a dig that she immediately started working on a solo career after stating the reasons why she left the band... It just didn't sit right with me either. Anyway, it's just sad that she wants to cut out three people she was close with for that long and showed her nothing but support, but if that's how she wants to do it I guess...

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Well that's sad I expected them to remain friends. But the fans are annoying af...why does she need to adress this. It's a personal matter. Even dming her about it sheesh 

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